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    • Why do different users have different titles under their avatars?

      If you want to rise through our forum ranks, you can earn special forum titles through posting engaging, well liked content.

      The ranks are based on a system of points:


      • 0-300 points - Recruit
      • 300-900 points - Guardsman
      • 900-3,000 points - Officer
      • 3,000-9,000 points - Warmaster
      • 9,000 - ? points - Master of Coin

      We would love to hear your thoughts and feedback on what you've played or seen of the game so far.

    • How can I get a Supporter title?

      Getting the supporter title is not possible anymore. It was part of a promotion we ran which encouraged you, the forum users, to go out into the world and spread the message of Albion Online.

      Everyone who posted an image of themselves posting on forums, or making a poster to stick up around their town, or in any other way letting the world know about Albion, received a Supporter title, and the very best entries were rewarded with a key to test the game

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