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  • Registration

    • What should I do if account confirmation isn't working?

      Sometimes, our account confirmation emails, which you need to use in order to fully "activate" your account and use our website properly, go awry and don't find the right people.

      If you've just tried registering an account and haven't received your account confirmation email, the first thing we ask is that you check your Other/Spam folder (sorry, we have to ask this - you'd be surprised how often this is the solution!).

      If you've checked your spam folder and still can't find your email, please try simply logging in with your new account details - sometimes, your account will already have been confirmed, with no need for interaction from you. 

      If that doesn't work, you can request a new confirmation e-mail via this link:

      If all that is still not working and you cannot access your account at all, please email and we'll look into it further.

    Login Problems

    • What if I can't remember or access the email address I used to register?

      We cannot discuss accounts, or make any alterations to an account, without the express, explicit permission of the account owner.

      This means that, if you've forgotten your account details and cannot contact us directly from your original account email address (or in very extreme cases, prove to us in other ways that you are the account owner), we cannot remind you of any account details or make any changes, and if you can't remember your account email address at all, there is very little we can do to help you and your account may be lost.

      Please make sure that your account details are kept safe and secure and don't lose them. We hate to leave problems unsolved or questions unanswered, but the security of our player base and their account details is incredibly important to us, so we will likely not be able to assist you.

    • Can’t login to my game client account/Invalid credentials

      If the client or website is giving you an "invalid credentials" error message when you go to log in, it means that your email address and/or password are not correct. Please simply try to reenter your details, remembering to check for upper/lower case letters.

      If you have another error message, ensure that your account has a key redeemed to it; if you have received your key as a gift, you will have to manually redeem the key to your account after the fact.
      If you're receiving a different error message, or are sure the details you are entering are correct, email with details of exactly which error message you are receiving, and we'll try to sort the problem.

  • Changing/Deleting Details

    • Can you change my account email address / forum name / IGN?

      Unfortunately, there is currently no option for us to change the details on an account. We would like to implement more account managing options in the future, but as of now we cannot change your account details, so make sure you get them right first time and don't lose them!

    • Can you delete / rename my character for me?

      It is NOT possible for us to free up character names or rename them at the moment. Please make sure that your character has the looks and the name you want the first time.

      Should you have accidentally deleted a character, please get in touch with - we can restore them.


    • How does Account Guard work?

      Every time you log into the website or the game client from a new device or location, the Account Guard will ask you to enter a security code. This security code will be sent to the e-mail address that is tied into your game account. Enter that code and your current location and device will be whitelisted for your account.

    • Why did you implement the Account Guard?

      Because account security is a top priority in a game like Albion Online and we want to make sure that only the rightful account owners can log into their account.

    • What should I do if I do not receive my security code?

      First, make sure that you are checking the correct e-mail address.
      Afterwards, check the spam / junk folders of your e-mail address.
      Thirdly, allow some time for the mail to be delivered. It normally happens instantly, but in rare cases it can take an hour or even longer to arrive.

      Should you have not received a mail after an hour, please try logging in again, as that generates a new security code and dispatches a new mail. Please refrain from trying too often too fast, as a high number of security code mails could lead to them being marked as spam or even blacklisted by your e-mail provider.

      If you are still unable to obtain your security code, please get in touch with from the address your game account is tied into, so we can investigate further.