Starter Packs

  • Keys & Payment

    • I am trying to buy a pack, but my payment failed. What should I do?

      Sometimes, banks and payment brokers flag transactions to our payment provider as fraudulent.

      In our experience, virtual or prepaid credit cards often are the cause of problems.

      If you are receiving the error message "payment refused", this is likely a result of this issue, and we can only advise that you get in touch with your bank and instruct them to unblock the payment.

      If you accidentally purchase surplus packs, please refrain from redeeming any of the keys to your account, and email immediately to ask that the surplus purchases be refunded. Please do not start playing the game, and then contact us, as our terms and conditions state that we cannot refund keys for an account which has logged play time in the game.

    • My key didn’t arrive. What should I do?

      If your purchase has been successful, you can find your newly acquired key on your Profile Page.

      To check whether your purchase has gone through, please take a look at your Transaction History Page.


    • How does the head start work?

      The head start allowed players who have bought the Legendary or Epic Pack a small head start into the world of Albion Online. They were allowed to log in and play the game a short time before other players.

  • Rewards

    • Can I lose the Founder or Starter Pack item rewards?

      Yes. In Albion Online, the Founder and Starter Pack items follow the normal set of rules for items. That means, items can be lost on death or destroyed by wear and tear. However, just as any other item in the game, they can also be repaired. Store them somewhere safe if you do not want to lose them!

    • What can I do with Gold?

      Gold is Albion Online’s premium currency, which can be bought with real money. Gold cannot be converted directly into Silver, but can be traded with other players for Silver.

      You can use Gold to:

      • Upgrade your Character to Premium
      • Purchase and show off cool Vanity Items
      • Trade Gold for Silver with other players on a player driven marketplace

      To buy Gold, please visit our Shop.

    • I've read that I can lose my Founder/Starter Pack items. Isn't that unfair?

      Not really, no. All items in Albion Online are subject to our full loot mechanics: if we protected paid-for items above other items, we’d be taking a step in the direction of “Pay 2 Win”, which we aim to avoid as far as possible.

      You’ll receive a warning when you retrieve your Pack's rewards for the first time, to get them to a safe place as soon as possible, and there are many places at which you can store your items safely throughout the world. As with all full-loot games, the mantra is simple: Don't wear what you can't afford to lose!

    • When do I get my Pack rewards?

      You claim your Pack rewards on a character by clicking on the cogwheel icon (top right) and selecting “Claim Rewards”. As soon as you have claimed your Pack, you get all rewards.

    • How do I get the Founder/Starter Pack rewards?

      Founder and Starter Pack rewards can be claimed through the “Claim Rewards”-function, by clicking the cogwheel icon on the top right corner of your screen. The items rewards will then be sent to your character’s mailbox.

      Any avatars or avatar rings will be retrievable through the customization options accessible in game. You access these by clicking on your character’s portrait and then clicking the tab “avatars” in the drop down menu.

    Founder Packs

    • What is a Veteran Pack?

      The Veteran Pack is our lowest tiered Starter Pack. It grants full access to the game, in-game premium currency, and 30 days of Premium Status.

    • What is an Epic Pack?

      An Epic Pack is our second greatest Starter Pack, with full access to the game, a big amount of premium currency, 60 days of Premium Status and cool bonus in-game items. 

    • What is a Legendary Pack?

      A Legendary Pack is our most valuable Starter Pack. It gives you everything we have to offer to Starters: full access to the game, a large amount of premium currency along with 90 days of Premium Status, cool in-game items, avatars, as well as a horse and a cart mount available right from the start. 

    • I bought a Pack – how do I get my key?

      When you buy a Pack you should be sent an email containing your key. However, if you have lost this email, you can retrieve all the keys you’ve bought on "Keys History" page in My Account section of our website.

    • What is a Starter Pack?

      Starter Packs give you full access to Albion Online, as well as some unique, exclusive in-game items depending on the Tier. The proceeds are going directly into the development of Albion Online - to make it a bigger, better game. This way, we as the developer get support, the quality of the final product increases, and fans who want to show their support are rewarded with cool gear. By buying a Starter Pack for Albion Online, you are directly contributing to help Sandbox Interactive make Albion Online the game we all want it to be.

    • Can I buy more than one Starter Pack?

      Absolutely! Unfortunately, though, you will have to make several individual purchases as we do not currently have the option of selling several Starter Packs in one transaction.

      You will of course get the benefits from all the packs you have tied to your account.