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Cador Patch #2 / Version 1.0.277 - REV 46610 

Director's Notes

This maintenance patch is primarily launched to fix a potential equipment exploit introduced with Cador. We've also added some bugfixes which were done last week. The team is now focused on preparing the next major update!


  • Master's Repair Kit is now the correct weight (it was substantially underweight previously).

  • Fixed an issue where access rights on chests would get reset during the first server restart after upgrading the parent house.

  • Gateway dungeons have had their settings reviewed, and some settings were corrected.

  • Fixed an exploit relating to crafting and the off-hand slot.

  • Fixed an issue where the Rejuvenation spell was erroneously consuming the stacks of other players.

  • Fixed buff/debuff icon issues on the spells Spreading Flame and Energy Shield.

  • Fixed an issue where you could gather resources while under the effects of a disabling spell.

  • Fixed missing sound effect on the Heavy Swing spell.

  • Fixed an issue where Adept's Repair Kit would not place properly in Hellgates.

  • Fixed an issue where city guards would get upset if they saw people duelling nearby.