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Darian Patch #2 / Version 1.0.282 - REV 50552 / 08 June 2016

Director's Notes

This is another small patch to fix some outstanding issues, most notably finishing localization for Darian, and also improving the spell effect area indicators.


  • Improved spell effect area indicators, and improved their colors.
  • Removed effect areas from instant spells, and added them to pulsing ones.
  • Localization should now all be correct and up to date; sorry for the delay!
  • Various localization fixes.
  • Fixed debuff icon on the Frost Shield spell.
  • The invulnerability effect on eg the Ice Block spell should no longer be interrupted by interrupting spell effects.
  • Fixed an issue where the buff gained on entry to a new cluster was not respecting its own cooldown. Players should only get a new copy of this buff once the cooldown on the previous one has expired.
  • Increased the size of the clickable area on the travel merchant - it should now always be clickable even when other players are present.
  • Repair kits now count towards the appropriate Tinker's Journals.