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Lands Awakened Patch 7 - Ver. 19.070.1 - March 30, 2022

Controller Support Improvements

  • Added Controller options to Settings menu
  • Holding the right shoulder button now triggers target selection via the right stick
  • Pressing the right stick now opens a radial context menu in-game, enabling different actions based on selected target
  • Added an alternate control scheme, allowing selection of targets via right stick instead of using a cursor
  • Added an alternate spell control scheme, "Cast on button release", which uses left stick targeting
  • Various additional controller behavior improvements

Please note that controller support is still in its testing phase and will continue to be updated. For more info, see this subforum:

Attack- and Defend-Ping Hotkeys

This patch adds hotkeys to trigger attack- or defend-pings on your current location. These hotkeys can be set by the player, but the defaults are:

  • Attack: Ctrl-P
  • Defend: Shift-P

Guild Logo Changes

Guild logos with political symbols have been removed from the game. The two logos affected originally entered the game as a custom design made by guilds who won these custom design rights as part of a contest held before the game's official launch.

  • The logo "Hammer and Sickle" has been replaced with the new logo "Hammer"
  • The logo "Red Army" has been replaced with the new logo "Bear"
  • Guilds affected by this who do not like the new logos can contact support to request a one-time change to a new logo
  • The two guilds who created the now-removed logos will be able to submit a new custom logo design to us as a replacement

Mob Changes

  • The Keeper Pack Leader and Axe Maiden found in the Open World got tired from throwing so many axes and now use their Axe Assault spell less frequently:
    • Axe Assault (Keeper Pack Leader and Axe Maiden):
      • Number of throws: 6 → 3
      • Spell is only cast if player health is above 50%
  • Earthkeeper Shaman:
    • Now displays a red arrow when a player is a valid target for melee attack
      • Attack range: 5.5m → 6m
      • Attack angle: 90° → 60°

Duel Changes

Duels can now last for a maximum of five minutes, after which they end in a draw. A countdown appears at the top of the screen during duels showing the remaining time.

Other Changes

  • When a secondary bank or inventory tab is open, shift-clicking an item will send it there rather than to inventory
  • Chat window is now locked by default

Combat Balance Changes

Healing Sickness

To broaden the range of possible team and item compositions, Healing Sickness is now only triggered by Nature and Holy Staffs. Healing performed by any other item (like Rejuvenating Sprint, Blood Bandit, Bloodlust, Blessed Aurora, or even when an Arcane Staff uses Holy Orb via Mimic) no longer triggers Healing Sickness.


  • Fixed an issue where Corrupted Dungeons could not be entered while under the Portal Invisibility Shrine buff
  • Fixed an issue where Silver auto-pickup did not work after an in-game reconnect
  • Fixed missing checkpoints in Eternal Battle expedition
  • Festive Reindeer Stag Skin now correctly displays as tradeable
  • Gathering and Fishing Speed Bonuses on Destiny Board now include percent signs
  • Mystic Rocks now makes caster immune to Cleanse Heal (in line with overall healing immunity)
  • Spell description for Rejuvenating Sprint now displays correct duration
  • Fixed an issue where clicking a chest after its opening channel was complete would restart the channel
  • [MOBILE, CONTROLLER] Fixed issue where target marker arrow would stay on a mob target if the next target was a player
  • Various additional graphical, UI, and localization fixes