Albion Online Updates

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Joseph Hotfix / VER 1.0.332 - REV 98609 / 28 September 2017

Known Issues

  • Forest resource territories on the royal continent spawn T8 nodes at the moment. They will be removed with the next hotfix. Until then, these nodes will be removed by GMs so that players cannot access them.
  • GvGs in the Highland Home Territories will leave the players stuck at the beginning of the match.


  • Fixed an issue that might have caused long arena queuing times.
  • Fixed an issue where marketplaces in all starter cities were connected to each other.
  • Royal horse tokens should be available again. 
  • Fixed an issue where auctions were not shown. 
  • Kills/Deaths from arena matches will not be listed in the Killboard anymore.
  • Fixed an issue where animal corpses were blocking battlevaults during GvGs.
  • Fixed an issue where T8 resources in Forest Watchtower Territories were missing.
  • Fixed an issue where players names would appear red in safe zones.
  • Fixed an issue where some furniture chests placed in the open world could not be destroyed.
  • Fixed an issue where players were stuck in the cities behind the arena master. Player positions in cities will be reset in cities