Albion Online Updates


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Patch / Version 1.0.270 - REV 44044 / 24 February 2016

Director's Notes:

This intermediate patch introduces quick salvaging (quickly select many items in a row using shift-click) and several oft-requested changes & fixes. The team is now focusing on the next major update, which is due in late March.

In addition, we have reworked our Terms & Conditions (including Founder's Pack and Invite Friends T&C, which you can find on our website) as well as our Privacy Policy. This is to reflect the changes the game has undergone over the last months, i.e. the fact that it is persistently running, you can buy Premium and Gold and the fact that the game will not be "Free to Play" at launch.
We've also included some updates to policies that were discussed in the forum, most notably regarding multi-accounting being allowed when adhering to certain rules and the fact that modification of the client software and interaction with our game servers with anything but the official client is strictly forbidden.

New Features:

  • Added a "quick salvage" feature to allow you to salvage faster.


  • Party members will now get Fame from any kill where a party member got kill credit and they are nearby. This should help healers and other support players receive as much Fame as other party members.

  • There is now a respawn delay in GvG, that starts at 10 seconds and becomes longer as the match goes on.

  • It's no longer possible to see the opposing team composition before a GvG battle in the management UI.

  • Castle chests can now only be looted by the castle owner.

  • Improved the information given by mails regarding auctions of land that you own.

  • Slowing spells can no longer reduce your movement speed below 20% of normal.

  • Reduced minimum time until battle for home territories from 24h to 22h.

  • Updated the EULA!


  • Fixed an issue where ground-targeted spells would fail if cast while an auto-attack animation was playing.

  • Mobs in Hellgates have had their Fame values corrected.

  • Fixed sort order of items in banks to follow the intended design.

  • Fixed an issue where ongoing spell effects (eg Blizzard) would not be correctly removed when leaving their area.

  • Fixed an issue where using a cleanse or similar while in an ongoing AoE would not reapply the AoE effect once the cleanse wore off.

  • Some T6 Veteran Keepers have been too stingy with their loot and should now correctly drop T6 loot rather than T4.

  • Fixed an issue where blinking across a spell area would apply the spell's effect.

  • Fixed an issue where farm animals in territories could not be fully fed.

  • Fixed an issue where blinking out of the path of a skillshot would not stop you from being hit by it.

  • Silver and loot should now have click priority over dungeon gates, ie where they overlap you will click the silver/loot rather than the gate.

  • Fixed PvP ruleset in the undead dungeon in Shaw Sodden.

  • Fixed effects which stop when mounting to now stop at the beginning of the mounting process, rather than at the end.

  • Fixed an issue where gathering with certain buffs could cause the player to change colorindefinitely.

  • Fixed an issue where guildless players were unable to manage rights on guild islands when added as a co-owner.

  • Fixed Grandmaster's Enchanted Bow so it is now craftable.

  • Fixed an issue where dying with damaged equipment would continue to show damaged equipment warnings after respawning.

  • Fixed an issue where existing spell areas would not be visible to clients who'd just logged in.

  • Fixed an issue where becoming invisible would also turn your spell area effects invisible.

  • Fixed an issue where the "User" access right on labourers would allow people to take ownership of them.

  • Fixed a potential blackscreen issue relating to opening loot containers.

  • Fixed the visual effect on Undead Archer's Multishot spell.

  • Fixed some UI alignment issues.

  • Fixed an issue where the Netherworld Portal could turn pink under some circumstances.

  • Fixed positioning issues with spell description window.

  • Fixed an issue with the tooltip for Chicken Pie and Energy Potions.

  • Fixed mob invisibility visual effect.

  • Fixed various localization and number-display issues.

  • Fixed pinch gesture to work everywhere it should in the Android client.

  • Fixed an issue where repairing Founder's Certificate would get you stuck.

  • Fixed labourer slots on Guildhalls (now 7/10/10/15/15/15/15).

  • Fixed behaviour of items when scrolling inventory/containers, which should resolve various bugs.

  • Fixed some issues with shift-clicking items in the repair shop UI.