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Patch / Version 1.0.269 - REV 42692 / 28 January 2016



  • Fixed an error when trying to add a non-existant Guild in permissions settings.

  • Disabled "OK" button when trying to enter an empty Guild name in permissions settings.

  • Adjusted exploding skeletons: slower, more visible, less damaging, smaller radius.

  • Fixed spell indicators showing for targeted spells when a target is already selected.

  • Fixed spell indicators on tablet clients.

  • Fixed a minor visual glitch with resizing spell indicators.

  • Fixed move target indicator (the yellow circle showing where you're moving to) not showing when spell indicators are visible.

  • Made it possible to craft Master's Heavy Enchanted Cloth armors.

  • Fixed Elder's Repair Station build requirements.

  • Known issue: gathering missions at T4 and T5 now ask for rare resources in the same quantities as normal resources, which makes them far too hard.