Albion Online Updates


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Version 1.0.261 - REV 39675 / 02 December 2015



  • Crafting capacity regeneration on buildings should now be calculated correctly (previously it was getting smaller rather than larger when upgrading).

  • Connection fixed between Redwater Cove and Rankriver.

  • You can no longer send more than 30 mails per day.

  • You can no longer send more than one message to /global every two seconds, or more than one whisper to anyone every 0.5 seconds.

  • Losing a duel will no longer remove a criminal flag.

  • Workbench is now unlocked by the hub node on the Destiny Board.

  • Novice Warrior Crafting Destiny Board node now has the correct name.

  • Added a Meat crafting node to the Farming section of the Destiny Board, so you can now unlock Goat Meat and other higher meats.

  • You can now bake Bread in an Adept Cook.

  • "Stability improvements".