Albion Online Updates


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Version 1.0.261 - REV 39337 / 27 November 2015



  • Journals should no longer stop functioning after changing regions.

  • Chat message length limited to 160 characters.

  • Labourers no longer break if they are moved while they're on a job.

  • Duration of Rend (Damage over Time ability) on Wolves halved to reduce the amount of time you have to wait after fighting one before you can do anything useful.

  • Demon Gatekeeper has reduced damage on Cone of Fire, and no longer stacks the effect.

  • Reckless Charge (Spear spell) properly deals damage based on number of stacks.

  • Added more server hardware.

  • Temporarily increased spawn rates of low-end materials and mobs as follows:

    • Spawn rate of T2, T3 and T4 resources increased to 300% of normal.

    • Spawn rate of all Safe zone mobs increased to 300% of normal.

    • Spawn rate of T5 mobs and resources increased to 200% of normal.

  • Energy drain on Shade mob substantially reduced.