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Final Beta Patch #2 / Version 1.0.296 - REV 56991 / 15 August 2016

Director's Notes

This patch contains additional fixes and a change to the reputation system which we wanted to get to you as soon as possible - we won't be patching next week while Albion is being demoed to international press at Gamescom in Cologne. The next planned patch, outside of an emergency, is expected for August 23rd.


  • Reputation System changes
    • You can now switch between friendly and hostile stances while your reputation level is "Suspicious" or "Infamous".
    • You can now gain reputation from resource harvesting and mob killing while being flagged blue while your reputation level is "Suspicious" or "Infamous".
    • After flagging hostile, there is now a 15 minute delay before being able to flag friendly again.
    • The time you cannot flag friendly after attacking another player has been increased from 10 to 15 minutes.
  • "Friends" in buildings are now consistently called "Associates" to avoid confusion with the friends list.
  • Added an option to disable auto-switching to an attacker if you had no previously selected target.
  • Changed chat channel colours to avoid colour overlap between channels, and to make them more consistent with previous colour schemes and current nametag colours.


  • Fixed an issue where attacking neutral players could gain you reputation instead of losing it.
  • Fixed an incorrect setting which caused reputation gain to be too slow while player's reputation level was "Noble" or "Glorious".
  • Fixed a problem which caused your target to switch automatically to a new attacker although youalready had a selected target.
  • Fixed many issues of mission givers not having missions available; many are still using incorrect text in missions though.
  • Fixed Exceptional Fine Cloth having an incorrect item value, causing it to give too low Fame and costing too few nutrition points while crafting.
  • Fixed an incorrectly rotated road piece in Dappled Meadow.
  • Fixed missing background elements in Festering Pit (Heretic Tier 2 Dungeon).
  • Fixed a number of invisible wall problems in Hill of Hollow Earth (Morgana Raid Region). Blizzard of Souls was unfortunately missed and will be fixed in a later patch.
  • Fixed player's location marker appearing extremely small on cluster map.
  • Fixed player character's animation after mounting in combat.
  • Fixed Morgana and Undead Artifact armour artifacts not appearing when melding fragments.
  • Fixed players appearing shrunken after using an exit while mounted on the Recruiter's Donkey mount.
  • Fixed players on mounts appearing giant to other players after using an exit while mounted.
  • Fixed players not suffering reputation loss after killing someone who they had previously attacked an unrestricted PvP area in the same region
  • Fixed a problem which caused the attack cursor to get stuck after switching zones while in targeting mode of a spell.
  • Fixed being able to unselect the carry weight bonus of bags.
  • Slightly reduced memory footprint of the game client and improved stability.
  • Fixed an issue where declining trade requests would cancel your invincibility buff.