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Lancelot Patch #10 - Ver. 1.11.362 / REV 120471 - 27 June 2018


The one-handed weapon ability power progression has been updated since the changes introduced with Patch 9. The curve has been further adjusted to be in line with the one-hand / offhand rebalance. 

Additional Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue where custom match invitations sent during GvG battles (and the resulting auto-cancellation notices) were interfering with gameplay
  • Fixed an issue where players were unable to enter names for new guild roles 
  • Fixed an issue where an Expedition would not complete when the final boss was killed after a player respawned
  • Fixed an issue where characters affected by Fear sometimes ran back into Wall of Flames
  • Fixed an issue where Hellgate names did not appear correctly in death details
  • Additional graphical, UI, and localization fixes