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Lancelot Patch #8 - Ver. 1.11.362 / REV 118917 - 6 June 2018


  • Numerous Destiny Board issues have been tackled:
    • Added specialization nodes for crafting of Bags, Capes, and Demolition Hammers
    • Having a complete specialization now gives the same amount of focus cost reduction and an increased chance for higher-quality crafting events as crafting similar items
    • Basic tool crafting node now offers a higher boost to the crafting of all corresponding items
    • Non-artifact offhand specialization node now offers a higher boost to the crafting of all corresponding offhand items
    • Offhand combat specializations now offer the same amount of item power when maxed out as other weapon specializations: for example, with T8 dual daggers, average item power is 1360; with T8 one-handed dagger + torch, average item power is now also 1360. (Previously, offhand items granted 40 less item power when maxed out.)
  • The goal of these changes was to make sure that all items (besides consumables) will have the same degree of bonuses if all nodes have been completely mastered. Of course, the relative amount of fame to achieve this condition will be related to the overall importance of the item.
  • Mastery level crafting requirements for Bags, Capes, and Demolition Hammers have been updated as follows:
    • T4: 1 → 1 (unchanged)
    • T5: 20 → 10
    • T6: 43 → 30
    • T7: 64 → 60
    • T8: 76 → 100
  • Relic armors have now been added to the overall loot tables, meaning the Black Market will now buy these items and redistribute them to open-world mobs.


  • Dash can now be interrupted by stun and ground effects 
  • Farming achievements now correctly display the actual Fame needed
  • Fixed an issue where an unlocalized error message would display while rerolling quality of an item
  • Fixed an issue where the buff during Deflecting Spin would cancel for no reason
  • Fixed an issue where Wanderlust buff sometimes dropped while stacking up
  • (iOS) Fixed an issue where audio would drop out unpredictably
  • (LINUX) Ubuntu 18 is now supported
  • Numerous additional graphical, texture, audio, animation, UI, and localization fixes