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Lancelot Hotfix #1 - Ver. 1.11.357 / REV 113485 - 13 March 2018


  • Journals are no longer salvageable
  • Fixed a bug where one could only assign a guild role with full edit rights instead of with normal assignment rights
  • Fixed an issue where stacking items that would create a new stack caused an error
  • Fixed an issue where beginner achievements were not auto-tracked
  • Fixed an issue where crafting enchanted foods whose basic recipe would yield 10 consumables would only yield 1 enchanted version (while costing the same as 10!)
  • Fixed incorrect fish sauce requirement for enchanting T4 Eel Stew
  • Fixed incorrect setup of fish sandwiches (corrected craft amounts and required resource amounts as well as all connected values)
  • Fixed incorrect weight, spells, craft time and focus cost of Grilled Fish and Seaweed Salad