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Kay Patch #2 / Ver. 1.10.351 - REV 107915 / 10 January 2018

Feel the Breath of Winter!

From January 10th to January 31st, the Breath of Winter will blanket Albion in snow and frost. Featured events include:

  • Good Deeds, a unique world quest chain only available during Breath of Winter.
  • The Icy Battleground, a PvP battleground accessible during Breath of Winter from four portal stones in Caerleon.
  • Ice and Fire, a special winter-themed expedition that will put your group’s skills to the test. This special event expedition does not grant fame.
  • Time to Go Home, a time-boxed and mostly streamed event accompanied by Yule Stag raffles.
  • Time-limited rewards, special tokens, and additional community events.

Check out the event page for full details, and keep an eye out for additional updates on our news page.


  • Added Hotkey to toggle AutoRun on and off (Default: NumLock). Autorun stops with any new (non-UI) input.
  • Added no-show protection to GvG fights:
    • Attacks on home territories and watchtowers now cost 2,000,000 silver (formerly 100,000), and attacks on cities now cost 10,000,000 silver.
    • 90% of this amount is returned if the attacker manages to score at least 1 point.
    • Additionally, 5% of the silver is awarded to the winner of the fight.
    • Result: if the initiator of the attack participates in the fight, this change will only produce a slight increase in the final attack cost, while strongly discouraging no-shows.
    • Siege camp attack costs have been adjusted accordingly.
  • Reworked GvG notifications: GvG results will be sent via Guild Mail to the Right Hands and Guild Master, and will include info about the outcome and consequences.
  • Added onscreen message when scoring GvG season points by killing Siphoning Mages
  • Updated some season and Guild UI tab icons
  • Players now auto-dismount when collecting farm animal resources
  • Territory UI headers now reflect the type of territory
  • Players can now re-enter Hardcore Expeditions after dropping out
  • Tokens now have their own category and are further organized into Arena Sigils, Royal Sigils and Hardcore Expedition Maps, which should make them easier to find in the marketplace
  • Added and polished numerous audio effects, including sounds for Heretic Miniboss, Heretic traps, GvG structures, crafting, spells, and Ram/Pig mounts
  • Added display message when activating a checkpoint during an expedition
  • Improved hardcore expedition agent UI: inventory now opens when switching to hardcore tab, and a hardcore watermark appears behind the text in the detailed view
  • Added founding alliance guild to the member list in Guild UI; banner now appears next to the founder's name
  • Season ranking now shows on the alliance logo in alliance view in the Guild UI
  • Mountain loading screen updated
  • General UI improvements (polished icons, better structuring of UI icons in menus)
  • Further server performance improvements – this is an ongoing process, and we are continually working on server performance


  • In GvG battles, orbs now appear as gray on the minimap if they have no owner (instead of appearing as the enemy color)
  • Added T2 and T3 Heretic Woodgatherer mobs
  • Removed "Leave Guild" button from player stats UI
  • Players can now shift-click 8 items into the trading UI (formerly 6)
  • The Tier 7 Undead Archers over all difficulties have learned how to use the Rain of Arrows ability from their expedition brethren
  • Undead Shades have learned a new ability that makes them incorporeal (incoming damage is greatly reduced for several seconds), and on death they will replenish the energy of up to 2 players based on how much energy the mob had when it died
  • The Undead Scorpion is now able to (very) slowly walk towards a target
  • Reduced the time allowed for home territory evacuation by 1 day
  • Reduced the recast delay on the armor buff of the GvG season boss to 0.1 second
  • Recolored Level 1-2 Artifact icons:
    • Level 1 Artifact icons are now yellow
    • Level 2 Artifact icons are now orange

Balance Changes

  • Staff of Balance
    • Mystic Rocks:
      • Radius: 8m → 7m
      • Resistance Gain: 0.70 → 0.20
      • Fixed bug where Sacrifice could heal the caster while Mystic Rocks was active


  • Marketplace fixes:
    • Highest competing price now displays when creating a buy order for an item with an enchantment level
    • Fixed bug where items would be stored in the Buy popup window while searching for new items, resulting in the incorrect (earlier) item being purchased
    • Selling an item now pulls the exact item from player inventory, rather than consuming the items with the lowest quantity first
    • An explicit error message now appears when attempting to cancel an offer if item was already sold
  • Battle Mount abilities now show in Item Details and Item Crafting UI
  • Fixed negative food duration in territory UI
  • Fixed an issue where the CC immunity for Shadow Edge, Ground Pound, Spectral Trident and Evasive Jump was not working against a number of spells
  • Nametags are now correctly placed on mounted characters
  • Fixed auto-tracking on learned mastery levels
  • Territory UI now displays the correct upcoming event
  • Orientation of players when moving between zones now remains consistent
  • PvP and PvE fame in the guild details UI fixed to exclude fame from assists
  • Fixed order of guild member stats UI and GvG UI (guild member stats now appear on top)
  • In the trading UI, silver input is now limited to max player silver
  • Fixed an issue with inaccurate GvG season point calculation
  • Battle mounts now correctly show Destiny Board info in item details
  • Tab buttons for Guild UI fixed, tabs for low rank members now work correctly
  • Replaced ore nodes in Forest Watchtower Resource Territories with rock nodes
  • Fixed alignment of content in Item Details UI
  • Position Swap (Fiend Sandals ability) now also works on group members on Royal Continent
  • Removed building displays for arena and season shop from regional map, as they already have individual icons
  • Fixed overlap of season scoring and event info in castle
  • Disabled the "Browse to your ranking position" button in rankings for players who are not on the list
  • Fixed issue where guild islands to which players have access did not appear in "other islands" tab if guild name was the same as character name
  • Minor Gold Market UI fixes: silver icon repositioned, confirmation box added, quick-buy info doesn't disappear with invalid input
  • Added ability indication area to Undead Archer spell Cursed Arrow
  • Added target indication for T6 Elemental Boss Tornado
  • Numerous small localization fixes
  • Show alert if game is launched on an iOS device with less than 2GB memory
  • Fixed header textures for iOS