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Faye Patch #4 / Version 1.0.307 - REV 70957 / 11 January 2017


  • Festive decorations have been taken down.
  • Rebalanced Ruthless Nature ability to have more counterplay options.
  • Removed focus fire protection from castle guards.


  • Fixed an issue where mounts would not properly disappear when their owner was knocked down.
  • Fixed an issue where it was impossible to attack Unending Expanse from Oxeater Swamp.
  • Fixed an issue where Internal Bleeding ability was not causing bleed damage in safe zone duels.
  • Fixed an issue where Druidic Nature Staff could not be sold on the marketplace.
  • Fixed an issue where Haunting Screams ability was dealing slightly too much true damage.
  • Fixed issues where many AoE spells were having their damage incorrectly reflected.
  • Fixed some issues with the rankings window.