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Faye Patch #1 / Version 1.0.303 - REV 67905 / 01 December 2016


  • Guard towers have been conducting firing drills, and can now reload much more quickly.
  • Halved the weight of Essences, Runes, Souls and Relics (pending further balancing in future patches).
  • Changed the impact audio of Enfeeble Blades ability, and Nature Staff Heal-over-Time abilities, to be more user-friendly.
  • Added a slider for adjusting the audio level of ambient sounds.
  • Added a few new environment animations, to make the world feel a little more alive.
  • Made some changes to generic AoE hit impact effects, which should improve combat performance a little.
  • Removed cicada sound and reduced volume of crickets sound.

Combat Balance Changes

Cursed Staffs

  • Haunting Screams
    • Extra damage versus players: 3% of max health -> 2% of max health
    • Damage reduced by 14%
    • Energycost reduced by 14%


In the last content update the Claymore damage output was reduced a bit too much. Therefore with this patch the damage is adjusted to be a bit higher again, it is now in between Elaine and Faye.

  • Charge
    • Damage increased by 15%
  • Fearless Strike
    • Damage increased by 7%


  • Fixed an issue with buff/debuff sounds being multiplied.
  • Fixed an issue where Item Power scaling was not happening correctly in Royal Continent cities.
  • Fixed some missing territory connections.
  • Recalculated nutritions and weights of T1 and T2 consumables to take into account the fact that they don't consume nutrition on crafting; this results in a slight reduction in both stats.
  • Fixed an issue where "make home" command did not work.
  • Fixed some issues with Demon Bosses that made them too easy to kill in certain situations.
  • Fixed an issue where the Artifact Foundry was unable to transmute essences.
  • Fixed an issue where Ore Elementals were imploding people too often.
  • Fixed an issue with the Haunting Screams ability having too much range.
  • Fixed an issue where reconnecting during a duel would not allow you to continue the duel in some cases.
  • Fixed an issue where some rare mounts would stop animating after dismount.
  • Fixed an issue where enchantment filter in the marketplace did not work for resources.
  • Fixed enchantment filter in the marketplace to only show exact match (rather than this enchantment or lower).
  • Fixed an issue where the quality filter in the offers page of the marketplace was not showing higher-quality items, as the rest of the pages do.
  • Fixed an issue where minus buttons for audio levels didn't work.
  • Fixed some audio issues with Forest Spirits.
  • Fixed an issue where Master's Smelter could not smelt Runite Steel Bars.
  • Fixed an issue with the Enfeeble Blades ability not working when cast on yourself.
  • Fixed an issue with emotes not working with party members selected.
  • Fixed an issue with mob camp audio not starting at the correct time.
  • Fixed an issue with mount audio not working correctly after cluster changes.
  • Fixed an issue where dashing while moving towards an ability target location would desync your character's location.
  • Fixed an issue where the Artifact Foundry incorrectly offered Adept's Essence as a transmutation option.
  • Fixed an issue with some mobs mistargeting abilities.
  • Fixed an issue where moving towards an ability target location would not stop once the ability was activated.
  • Fixed various localization and art issues.