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Final Beta Patch #1 / Version 1.0.296 - REV 56470 / 09 August 2016

Director's Notes

In this first patch we're fixing a large number of smaller issues which slipped through the release of final beta last week. Most importantly we've revisited our setup for the reputation system and have adjusted it to the intended values.

Expect to see weekly patches for the next few weeks as the game designers, programmers and artists will continue bugfixing and tweaking the game. At the same time, the content team is busy preparing the next larger Beta Update for a mid-September release.


  • Changed reputation balancing to make a "criminal" playstyle more viable:
    • "Glorious" reputation level now requires 20000 reputation (was 10000)
    • "Noble" reputation level now requires 5000 reputation (was 2500)
    • Daily reputation recovery while "Suspicious" increased to 300 (was 25)
    • Daily reputation recovery while "Infamous" increased to 300 (was 50)
    • Daily reputation recovery while "Villainous" increased to 600 (was 100)
    • Daily reputation recovery while "Nefarious increased to 900 (was 250)
    • Daily reputation recovery while "Dreaded" increased to 1200 (was 500)
    • Flagging for PvP will reduce your reputation to -1 (Suspicious)
    • You can no longer unflag for PvP while Suspicious
    • Fixed an issue where negative reputation was making you unable to enter yellow/red/black clusters; you should now be able to freely traverse these areas at all times
    • Renamed "region access" to "city access" in the UI
    • Reputation Info UI adjusted to be a little clearer about what the thresholds are
  • Changed CrossbowBow and Quarterstaff base nodes on the Destiny Board to require the same amount of LP as other similar nodes.
  • Increased Hellgate silver drops by 50% from previous intended levels (see fix below also).
  • Changed T1 resource gathering so that all charges are now gathered in a single gather attempt.

Balance Changes

Frost Staffs

The Frost Staff line offers strong CC and area control, but are energy-hungry weapons. However at least for the Q slot abilities, they were a bit too tedious to play. Therefore, energy costs have been reduced. With this change, the damage of the Frostbolt has been reduced, increasing the ability's focus on the CC. Hoarfrost has now been defined stronger as the damage choice on this slot.

  • Hoarfrost
    • Cast Time: 1s -> 1.5s
    • Cooldown: 1s -> 0s
    • Damage: increased by 22%
  • Frostbolt
    • Base Energy Cost: 6 -> 4
    • Damage: reduced by 9%

Leather Armors

The Inferno Shield was recently moved from plate to leather armors. However since the base resistances of Leather Armors is lower than Plate Armors, the ability's effective resistance gain has become much stronger. To adjust the ability's effective gain to the new armor line, the armor increase values have been reduced.

  • Inferno Shield
    • Resistance Buff: reduced by 20%

Soldier Boots

This ability's power was out of line due to it's short cooldown and the very strong combination of the sprint and the shield. Therefore the cooldown has been adjusted, to bring it in line with other sprint spells. Because it was out running most other sprint spells while also providing a strong shield, the sprint duration was reduced. The shield has also been decreased to reflect the recent changes with the way shields can be scaled up. However it still provides the strongest shield on the shoe slot and can catch up with other sprints.

  • Sprint Shield
    • Cooldown: 20s -> 30s
    • Shield Strength: reduced by 11%
    • Duration: 10s -> 6s


  • Fixed an issue where selling to a buy order did not complete correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where the GvG network on the black zone "island" was not correctly connected to its mainland; connections now follow sea travel paths.
  • Fixed an issue where defender point updates were not being saved correctly on server shutdown.
  • Fixed an issue where Hellgate mobs were not dropping silver.
  • Fixed many instances of incorrect-tier mobs in the world.
  • Fixed many region and dungeon layout issues.
  • Fixed an issue which caused players at "Infamous" and "Villainous" reputation level to be unable to enter pvp cities on the royal continents
  • Fixed an issue where city territories could have a negative defender bonus.
  • Fixed an issue where the Rapid Fire ability incorrectly had a cast delay.
  • Fixed an issue where the Taunt ability could not be used against hostile players.
  • Fixed an issue where the Dreadladen Fighting passive ability was increasing damage vs mobs.
  • Fixed an issue where the Morgana Raven ability tooltip listed its range incorrectly.
  • Fixed an issue where the debuff applied by the Infiltration ability lasted longer than the rest of the ability.
  • Fixed an issue with abilities that caused Bears to be stronger than Direwolves.
  • Fixed an issue where crafting capacity was not scaling correctly with tier; this does not fix "out of capacity" bugs, which are still being investigated.
  • Fixed an issue where player knocked down inside an exit volume would automatically be moved to the neighbouring area.
  • Fixed an issue where One-Handed Crossbow crafting required too many materials.
  • Fixed an issue with Tell-a-Friend mount tooltip text.
  • Fixed an issue where negative reputation thresholds were off by one.
  • Fixed an issue where two particular cities were allowing fast travel between them with luggage.
  • Fixed an issue with Android auto-updater not correctly deleting downloaded file.
  • Fixed an issue where certain missions against Undead would not be available, causing some mission-givers to have no missions.
  • Fixed some particle issues on Demon Prince portal.
  • Fixed map icons for Transmutator and Artifact Foundry.
  • Fixed Gatherer nodes on the Destiny Board having wrong titles.
  • Fixed the Forcefield ability's missing sound effect.
  • Fixed an issue where some territory connection lines on the worldmap were not connecting properly.
  • Fixed an issue where banner furniture was allowed to be placed inside.
  • Fixed an issue where the player marker in the worldmap was incorrectly positioned while in dungeons.
  • Fixed an issue where Lost Crossbow Mechanism artifacts (for Weeping Repeater) were incorrectly assigned to Nature rather than Valor.
  • Fixed an issue where Hardened Debole artifacts (for Bloodletter) were incorrectly assigned to Valor rather than Nature.
  • Fixed an issue where Journeyman's Spear incorrectly had access to the Forceful Charge ability.
  • Fixed an issue where T8 Undead mission-givers in Steppe and Mountain areas had no missions to give.
  • Fixed many issues of enchantment glow effects being incorrectly set up.
  • Fixed an issue where, after losing a territory, the client incorrectly showed a message congratulating the player for successfully defending.
  • Fixed an issue where the Demon Prince's minions refused to come to his assistance. They have now been cowed into obedience, and should join the battle through portals once more.
  • Fixed an issue where the Ban Duchara territory was not connected to its watchtower.
  • Fixed various text and localization issues.