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Rise of Avalon Patch 13 (Balance Patch) - Ver. 1.17.410 / REV 184451 - 02 February 2021

Use-All Button Added

Consumable items that commonly collect in large stacks can now be used in a single click via the new Use All Button in the item UI.

  • Stacks of Silver Bags will be consumed instantly and grant you the full amount of Silver
  • Tomes of Insight and chests use a channeled spell, meaning the items are still consumed individually and the channel can be canceled at any point.
  • The following items now have a "Use All" option:
    • All Silver Bags
    • All Tomes of Insight
    • All Reward Chests (will display an additional window showing accumulated loot): Adventurer's Challenge Chests, Crystal League Chests, etc.

Avalonian Changes

Overall Avalonian Changes:

  • Many high-damage Avalonian mob spells can no longer be reflected

Lesser Avalonian Mob Changes:


  • Avalonian Shield reflects damage only every 0.3 seconds


  • Drones will switch targets when they exceed a certain distance from their assembler


  • Helix Shot:
    • Now has a higher chance of striking targets
    • Cooldown: 22s → 18s

Gate Core:

  • Attack range increased to match reset range

Avalonian Boss Changes:


  • Momentum (the buff the Construct receives from each auto-attack):
    • Strength +10%
  • Colossal Swipe no longer has a blind spot, meaning you can no longer avoid the swipe by standing close to the Construct
  • Energy Discharge:
    • Damage now based on total Compensator Energy Status stacks
  • Beam:
    • Cooldown during phase 2: 10s → 8s
    • Damage now based on total Compensator Energy Status stacks


  • Pursuit range: 35m → 30m

High Priestess:

  • Shadow summons introduce their more dangerous abilities later in the fight
  • Divine Offering:
    • Duration: 29s → 35s
    • Areas now spawn closer to the High Priestess
  • Exorcism:
    • Now only summons Tainted Shadows for players within a Divine Offering area
    • Now also stacks a buff, Divine Righteousness, on the High Priestess for each player not within a Divine Offering area
    • Divine Righteousness increases the Priestess' auto attack damage, grants her healing over time, and is stackable
  • Purify:
    • Damage -25%

Crystal Basilisk:

  • Divine Scales:
    • Defense Bonus doubled (+100%)
  • Divine Crystal Resonance now deals damage in a 3m radius around every target hit
  • Cleanse now also applies Holy Flames

Knight Captain:

  • Avalonian Barrier reflects damage only once every 0.3 seconds

Sir Bedivere:

  • Avalonian Bulwark reflects damage only once every 0.3 seconds
  • Sir Bedivere will drop his current target if it moves too far away
  • Earthbreaker:
    • Damage doubled (+100%)
  • Fate of the Unworthy:
    • Damage effect no longer removed immediately after leaving the aura's area of effect
  • Bladestorm:
    • Spawn position is now less predictable

Avalonian Mob Fixes:

  • Fixed Sir Bedivere's boss "ring" visual
  • Fixed missing spell icon for Construct's swing attack

Combat Balance Changes


  • Rending Spin (all Axes):
    • Max Damage: 75 → 68
  • Morgana Raven (Carrioncaller):
    • Cooldown: 16s → 18s
  • Razor Cut (Bearpaws):
    • ​Jump Time: 0.83s → 0.55s
    • Jump Range: 15m → 12m
    • Instant Damage: 160 → 140
    • Hitting at least one enemy player decreases the ability's cooldown by 40%


  • Lucent Hawk (Mistpiercer):
    • Cast Range: 30m → 24m

Frost Staffs

  • Frost Nova (all Frost Staffs):
    • Reworked hit detection: it is now an instant explosion and no longer freezes enemies who touch the area after the initial teleportation
    • Damage: 85.80 → 70
    • Stun Duration: 1.26s → 1s


  • Iron Breaker (all Hammers):
    • Resistance Reduction: 0.2 → 0.17
  • Groundbreaker (Polehammer):
    • Stun Duration: 2.85s → 2.5s
  • Grasp of the Undead (Tombhammer):
    • Cast Range: 16m → 12m
    • Stun Duration: 2.9s → 2.48s

Holy Staffs

  • Divine Intervention (Hallowfall):
    • Resistance Buff Duration: 7s → 4s


  • Removed the ability Interrupt (all Maces)
  • Added the new ability Guard Rune: Creates a rune on the ground that increases resistances by 0.2 and healing received by 25% for up to 5 allies. Rune has a 5m radius and lasts for 5s. Ability is interruptible.
  • Snare Charge (all Maces):
    • Jump Time: 0.55s → 0.44s
    • Standtime: 0.5s → 0.4s
  • Heavy Slam (all Maces) - reworked the ability; it is now called Ground Shaker:
    • The area is now a 4m circle in front of the caster
    • The ability now also knocks enemies in the air
    • Cooldown: 15s → 10s
    • Damage: 271.95 → 200
    • Cast Time: 1s → 0.7s
    • Hit Delay: 0.5s → 0s
    • Standtime: 1s → 0.4s
    • Energy Cost: 14 → 10

Nature Staffs

  • Thorns (all Nature Staffs):
    • Additional Autoattack Damage vs Players: 56 → 40
    • Additional Autoattack Damage vs Mobs: 56 → 64
    • No longer reflects damage
  • Spiritual Seed (Druidic Staff):
    • Cooldown: 25s → 20s
  • Ruthless Nature (Blight Staff):
    • Delay before the first tick of the channel: 0.5s → 0s
    • The slow is now applied as long as enemies are inside the aura (independent of their CC resistance)
    • Heal per Second: 33 → 39


  • Soul Shaker (Grailseeker):
    • Removed delay before rooting effect; root area is now instantly active after the hit
  • Mystic Rocks (Staff of Balance):
    • Resistance Increase: 0.10 → 0.20


  • Splitting Slash (all Swords):
    • Hit Delay: 0.6s → 0.3s
    • Standtime: 0.8s → 0.5s
  • Mighty Blow (Broadsword):
    • Resistance Increase: 0.24 → 0.18
    • Standtime: 0.8s → 0.3s
    • Jump Time: 0.43s → 0.33s


  • Force Shield (Judicator Armor):
    • Resistance increase: 0.32 → 0.28
  • Requite (Armor of Valor):
    • Reflected Damage: 50 → 46


  • Reworked Emergency Heal (Guardian Helmet); it is now called Emergency Shield:
    • Removed the Healing; instead it now applies a shield that absorbs 400 base damage and lasts for 3s (Damage over Time effects are still removed after the rework)
    • Radius: 4m → 5m
    • Cooldown: 40s → 30s
  • Energy Shield (Scholar Cowl):
    • Duration: 8s → 5s
    • Energy Gain on hit: 13.14 → 16


  • Shield Charge (Knight Boots):
    • No longer applies a shield in a small AoE radius; instead the shield is now applied to the caster and target (if target is an ally)
    • Shield Strength: 200 → 350
    • Dash Speed: 25 m/s → 35 m/s


  • Opening to Hell (Demon Cape):
    • No longer counts as damage over time, so its effect cannot be removed by Emergency Shield
    • Damage vs Players: 60 → 50

Battle Mounts

  • Toxic Crystal Waste (Tower Chariot):
    • Cooldown: 25s → 15s
  • Spider's Web (Goliath Horseeater):
    • Cooldown: 8s → 6s
    • Energy Cost: 12 → 10
  • Artillery Fire (Behemoth):
    • Cooldown: 3s → 2s
    • Hit Delay: 2s → 1.5s

Other Changes

  • Hideouts can now only be set as "Home" when owned by your current guild, OR when they are Level 3 Hideouts owned by a currently allied guild. This includes houses and guild halls inside Hideouts. For more information about this change and the reasons behind it, see this post:
  • Guild Season 10 winner statues are now placeable furniture items
  • Attack damage of all Cougars reduced by 44% to bring them in line with similar mobs
  • Morgana Ravens in Tier 4 Randomized Morgana Group Dungeons are now Tier 4 instead of Tier 6
  • [MOBILE] Updated Settings UI on mobile (replacing dropdowns with sliders, etc.)
  • [MOBILE] Added minimap opacity option; minimap is now semi-transparent by default on mobile


  • Fixed an issue where Estimated Market Value would display incorrect values
  • Political View is once again available on the World Map
  • The heal on hit effect of Blessed Aurora (Oathkeepers) can now be purged as intended
  • Rending Rage (Axes) tooltip now displays the correct 7m leap distance
  • [MOBILE] Fixed an issue where mobile clients would disconnect during long loading screens
  • [MOBILE] Spells that can target either self or others now allow double tapping to cast on self, even if another target is selected
  • Numerous additional graphical, animation, audio, terrain, and localization fixes