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Percival Patch 6 - Ver. 1.15.387 / REV 150653 - 25 September 2019


  • Hot springs have cooled down and their steam should be a bit less blinding
  • Toned down the excessive blood spatter in auto-attacks
  • Added new VFX for Haste spell to replace massive pink "paint spill" effect
  • Fire Artillery is no longer automatically unlocked, and must now be unlocked through Fire Staff usage
  • Cooldown for Protection of Nature (Nature Staffs) reverted to 15 seconds as intended (was accidentally changed to 20 seconds with Patch 5)
  • Visual effect of Thorns now stays consistent regardless of target size
  • Delay is now correct in Death Curse description
  • Slow effect of Impaler is now cleansable as intended
  • Taunt now applies the PvP debuff only against players as intended
  • Fixed an incorrect tag in Sacred Pulse tooltip
  • Additional graphical, UI, audio, animation, terrain, and localization fixes