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Percival Patch 4 - Ver. 1.15.384 / REV 149008 - 29 August 2019

Land Auction System Changes

  • Starting immediately, the full amount of the winning bid will be collected from the winner.
  • Bids by non-winning bidders will be returned in full.
  • Bids by current plot owners will continue to count double. For example, if the plot owner bids 10 million Silver and the next-highest bid is 16 million Silver, the plot owner wins the bid, since their bid counts as 20 million. The full 10 million will be collected.
  • Likewise, in an extremely lopsided situation where (for example) the current owner bids 100 million Silver (for an effective value of 200 million) and the next-highest bid is 16 million, the full 100 million Silver will be collected from the owner.
  • The Land Auction UI has been updated to reflect these changes, with prominent warnings that the full amount of the winning bid will be due.

For more on these changes, please see this forum post:

Other Changes

  • Adventurer's Challenge mounts can no longer be used in GvGs


  • City Guard Towers have sobered up and will now correctly target players of enemy city factions
  • Fixed an issue where T6 mobs would sometimes appear in T3 Heretic Solo Dungeons
  • Pressing ESC now cancels target selection and active spell markers without opening Settings menu
  • Fixed a missing GvG connection between Elmcopse Farm Territory and Owlwood
  • Alliance tag is now removed from the access rights UI if alliance is disbanded
  • Additional graphical, UI, audio, animation, terrain, and localization fixes