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Beyond the Veil

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Percival Patch 12 - Ver. 1.15.389 / REV 156882 - 18 December 2019

Christmas trees and presents fill the cities, the Yuletide Challenge is in full swing, and the mysterious Uncle Frost can be found lurking throughout Albion. Click here for more details of the Yuletide season in Albion:


  • From now until the launch of the Queen update, destroying a building gives back 100% of the resources used to create the building. This temporary change was put in place to help players move buildings out of the Outlands before they are automatically destroyed with the Queen launch.
  • During the same time period, Fame gained from upgrading buildings with resources is disabled to prevent Fame exploits.

Note that this change will be reverted to the regular rate of resource return for destroyed buildings (90%) and the usual Fame earned when Queen goes live. For more information about how players and items will be migrated with the Queen launch, please see this article: