Albion Online Updates

Beyond the Veil

now live!

Nimue Patch #4 - 26 December 2018

The Grand Opening of Conquerors’ Hall has arrived! Dive into the history of Albion and visit this brand-new building near the Realmgate to honor the greatest guilds of Albion.

Changes and Improvements

  • Conquerors’ Hall, a new building next to the Caerleon Realmgate, is now open and can be visited by all players
  • Various audio improvements:
    • New ambient sounds for the Marketplace, Bank, and other areas
    • Various mount and spell sound improvements
  • Scaling IP caps have been introduced to GvGs that take place in the Low and Mid Outlands. The IP caps will be as follows:
    • Anglia (Low Outlands): 50% scaling above 1000 IP (for example, 1500 IP becomes 1250 effective IP
    • Cumbria (Mid Outlands): 50% scaling above 1200 IP (for example, 1500 IP becomes 1350 effective IP)
  • Crystal Realm Battle autowins will no longer give Season Points or Siphoned Energy