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Nimue Patch #2 - Ver. 1.13.369 / REV 131654 - 5 December 2018

Party Finder Updates

  • Party Finder now starts on the Open Parties screen (instead of having to create a party to look for open parties)
  • Added option to update equipped gear without having to leave and rejoin the party finder (party leaders can also do this for an entire party's gear)
  • Updated visual effects of the party finder HUD to be more visible when you have outstanding applications
  • Fixed an issue where entries would scroll up automatically


  • Polished the Inventory UI and improved readability


  • Laborers who mysteriously took on new identities during the Nimue update (such as Petronilla Boger, Elder Blacksmith) have had their original names restored, and laborer names should now remain consistent
  • Mob Faction Crests can now be salvaged as intended
  • Fixed lootbag effects on Ultra settings
  • Reduced frequency of Black Market NPC speech
  • Fixed an issue where season points did not display correctly in the World Map season points UI
  • Fixed an issue where new tabs could not be purchased on Guild Islands
  • Fixed an issue where mob spawning did not work as intended after the daily maintenance and server restarts
  • Fixed an issue where players could teleport to the Crystal Realm while being mounted on a Battlemount and then being unable to dismount