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Merlyn Patch 7 – Ver. 1.12.365 / REV 128480 – 25 October 2018

Territory Changes

  • Disallowed furniture placement around orbs in Watchtower territories
  • Increased number of guards in Watchtower territories
  • Siphoning Mages:
    • Alert radius: 10m → 25m (this means that mages will now call for help from the surrounding guards)
    • Fame: 597 → 4588
    • Energy drop on kill reduced by 10%
    • Season points on kill reduced by 10%
  • Guard (Soldier)
    • Warcry spell reworked:
      • It is now only triggered when at least 6 enemies are on its aggro list
      • The spell now increases damage and defense of other guards (this stacks up the more players are on the aggro list and the more guards are in combat at once)
    • Fame: 153 → 306
    • Pursuit radius: 25m → 45m
  • Guard (Archer)
    • Fame: 138 → 276
    • Pursuit radius: 25m → 45m

Other Changes

  • Disallowed furniture placement around portals and Expedition NPCs


  • Fixed a visual bug where treasure urns would reappear briefly after being destroyed
  • Fixed an issue where channeling a spell while mounted would interrupt movement
  • Mad Shadowmask (Hardcore) and Mad Fuzzy will now execute players as intended
  • Fort Sterling Cape now triggers correctly while mounted
  • Numerous additional graphical, animation, texture, environmental, audio, and localization fixes