Albion Online Updates


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TEST SERVER / Final Beta Preview Patch #4 / Version 1.0.296 - REV 55165 / 26 July 2016


  • Fixed an issue where almost all resources were respawning three times faster than intended.
  • Fixed a substantial issue with timezone assignment to regions.
  • Overhauled Destiny Board progression speed and LP costs; should now be final, subject to further bugs and tweaks.
  • Territories can now not be claimed by a player for the first two minutes after they enter the cluster (including by logging in).
  • Fixed PvP settings for Hollow Tor, Bellever Tor, Cairn Elasad, Cairn Gheoid, Loamdell, Lydcard Hill, Cairn Touil, and Whitebeam Wood.
  • Increased refining Fame requirements on the Destiny Board by 50%, to keep refining in sync with gathering for Premium characters.
  • Can no longer switch abilities in combat.
  • Fixed visual states for rare versions of new hide/resource mobs.
  • Fixed issues with spell tooltips still showing while mounted.
  • Made scaled UI the default on PC.
  • Fixed an issue with some GvG objects being incorrectly rotated.
  • Adjusted ability allocations on leather hood, now:
    • Mercenary: Cleanse
    • Hunter: Bear Trap
    • Assassin: Meditation
  • Fixed an issue where GvG losers were not teleported away.
  • Enabled Elder's Transmutator.
  • Added Journeyman's Fragments to the game, which can be transmuted into Adept's Fragments for melding use.
  • Fixed a number of world-map issues, including incorrect connections.
  • GvG match splash screen now shows correct territory.
  • Fixed an issue with the Block ability blocking player movement.
  • Reduced mob silver payouts to better align silver-per-hour.
  • Fixed Divine Protection ability's AoE heal not affecting other players.
  • Fixed an issue where you lost target when casting abilities on yourself.
  • Fixed an issue where spell markers are not shown when an object is selected.
  • Fixed the roman numerals on transmutator buildings.
  • Transmutation costs have been doubled.
  • Updated starting LP to be 100 for Premium and 0 for non-Premium, in line with new Destiny Board balance.
  • Improved lighting and atmosphere for deadlands swamps.
  • Fixed an issue where fast travel NPCs were still showing up in lawless continent cities, despite being non-functional.
  • Tidied up meld building setup, and made the interaction with it better.
  • Added some missing missiongivers in the world.
  • Fixed an issue where you couldn't enter black zones and gateways with extremely negative reputation.
  • Improved explanation of access restrictions in reputation popup.
  • Fixed an issue where "Dreaded" was not correctly listed in reputation info.
  • Updated T7/T8 trash mobs.
  • Updated Fame rewards for veteran, elite, boss and miniboss mobs.
  • Adjusted Fame rewards for gathering and crafting.
  • Reduced frequency of furniture drops by a factor of 10.
  • Fixed an issue where spells were defaulting to being castable when stunned, causing some spells to inadvertently have this problem.
  • Updated loading screen tips.
  • Boosted mission payouts.
  • Fixed an issue with fragments transmuting 50:1 rather than 1:1.
  • Fixed an issue where refining T5E3 Fiber and Wood did not require T4E3 resources.
  • Fixed an issue where mount HP bars were not updating properly.
  • Made fragments lighter.
  • Fixed an issue where cloth shoes had Delayed Teleport rather than Run.
  • Added names for missing Raid-related dungeons.
  • Added shipping lines to map.
  • Improved usability of fast-travel interactables.
  • Adjusted Veteran Undead Archer to be less poisonous.

Balance Changes

Shield abilities

  • (This is abilities which grant you an HP shield, not abilities on shield offhands.)
  • Are now affected by healpower
  • All shield have had a balance pass:
    • Sprint Shield
    • Shield Charge
    • Arcane Protection
    • Invulnerability
    • Divine Protection


  • Earthshatter
    • Damage: 35.10 -> 58.50
    • Stun Duration: 2.55 -> 2.25


  • Battle Howl
    • Silence Duration: 3.63 -> 3.81
    • Radius: 5m -> 5.5m
    • Now also creates 140 base threat on all enemies hit, to make it more powerful in PvE.
  • Root Prison:
    • Now also creates 80 base threat on every channeling tick, to make it more powerful in PvE.