Albion Online Updates


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TEST SERVER / Final Beta Preview Patch #3 / Version 1.0.296 - REV 54806 / 21 July 2016


  • The positions of the King's and Queen's continents on the world map has been switched!
  • Made shipping lines visible on the world map.
  • Repair stations now properly visible on cluster map.
  • Removed fast travel from lawless continent.
  • Added fast travel between Royal continents.
  • Rebalanced offhands:
    • Book now increases cast speed.
    • Orb now increases max energy and energy regen.
    • Horn movement speed boost reduced.
    • Shield threat bonuses equalised across all types.
    • Tower Shield defense bonus increased.
  • Fixed an issue with effect scales not being reset.
  • Adjusted Destiny Board values a little; still not final.
  • Fixed a problem with end-of-cast effects.
  • Root Prison ability now works on rabbits. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  • Balanced Fame and silver rewards from trash mobs.
  • Added two Holy Staff abilities, and adjusted some ability positions/unlock orders in Holy Staff line.
  • Taunt now properly interrupts ability casting.
  • T4 enchanted resources now also require T3 refined resource to be refined; you can no longer avoid the need for T2/T3 resources.
  • Fixed an issue where ability targeting markers weren't removed when mounting up.
  • Improved Black zone UI indications.
  • Fixed some issues with item quality on the market; among other things, selling to an order with a quality requirement will now sell lowest-quality qualifying items you own first.
  • Morgana Knight's stun ability now correctly removed by abilities that remove CC.
  • Fixed an issue where players did not correctly leave combat at the end of duels.
  • Removed quality for tools, because it has no effect.
  • Improved Destiny Board visuals a little.
  • Fixed an issue where T2 items were consuming crafting capacity in crafting buildings.
  • Fixed an issue where Destiny Board specialization nodes weren't giving proper bonuses.
  • Made T4E3 (enchantment level 3) resources refinable.
  • Reduced build times on buildings.
  • Fixed an issue where some missions were incorrectly unavailable.
  • Fast travel between starter zones is now free.
  • Made Demon boss's lava bombs visible again. Previously they were too hard to avoid.
  • Reduced bed, chest and table craft times by a factor of 10.
  • (Almost) all dungeons and raid areas should now have proper names.
  • Fixed an issue where tooltip damage numbers were incorrect.
  • Load bonuses are now never scaled by cluster item power reductions.
  • Overhauled laborer journals to be consistent with latest data.
  • Fixed default Guild tax rate.
  • Reduced max charges on lower-tier resources.
  • Reduced units collected in one harvest on higher-tier resources.
  • Fixed an issue where you couldn't use instant-cast abilities while using right-mouse move.
  • Fixed an issue where average item power was being incorrectly calculated in UI.
  • Improved auto-attack effects for staff weapons.
  • Fixing Artifact Rapier having an additional E ability.
  • Fixed an issue where the outer ring of Destiny Board nodes had the wrong requirements.
  • Added a "Suspicious" reputation level between 0 and -250.
  • Fixed many level design issues.

Balance Changes

Arcane Staffs

  • Knockback Passive
    • Knockback Distance: 2.14 -> 5.34


Reworked Lunging Stabs: It deal now damages one time. The damage scales up, when the target's health is below 40%. Removed the AR/MR buff.

  • Lunging Stabs
    • Dash Speed: 20 -> 30
    • Dash Range: 9m -> 13m
    • Energy Cost: 14 -> 17

Frost Staffs

  • Hail
    • Cast Time: 1s -> 0s
    • Cooldown: 30s -> 15s
    • Damage per Wave: 73.13 -> 131.63
  • Blizzard
    • Uptime: 15s -> 10s 
    • Adjusted the travel speed: It still covers the same distance, but it moves faster)

Holy Staffs

Also note ability changes mentioned in fixes list!

  • Knockback Passive
    • Knockback Distance: 2.14 -> 5.34

Quarter Staffs

  • Fatal Blade
    • It now also reduces the target's Crowd Control Resistance on hit.
    • Added a mini knockback on impact.