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Living Legacy - Ver. 20.020.1 - July 14, 2022

  • Event Start: Thursday July 14 after maintenance (approx. 11:00 UTC)
  • Event End: Thursday July 28 at 10:00 UTC

Albion's past has come to life! On the eve of Albion Online's fifth anniversary, statues of seasons past have awakened and can be found across the world. As they were created as tributes to conquerors, these statues are hostile and will employ a wide range of weapons and magic against those who cross their paths.

These statues can be encountered in any open-world zone of Tier 5 or higher, and exist in three different versions, increasing in size, strength, rarity, and map visibility:

  • Construct of the Ages: These mid-level statues carry riches to be claimed, and do not appear on any map. They can be defeated by solo adventurers or small groups.
  • Colossus of the Ages: These higher-level statues are visible on the local map while in the same region, and carry far greater riches than Constructs.
  • Titan of the Ages: These very powerful statues are visible on the world map up to three regions away. They're best challenged as a group, but offer even greater chances to claim unique rewards.

Limited-Time Rewards

The two-week Living Legacy event introduces a variety of unique rewards.

The following non-tradable rewards will be sent to all characters who log into the game during the event (now until maintenance on July 28) via in-game mail:

  • Fifth Anniversary Avatar
  • Fifth Anniversary Avatar Ring

The following tradable reward can be earned as a Twitch Drop by watching the Fifth Anniversary Stream:

  • Fifth Anniversary Carpet (Furniture Item)

(For information about Twitch Drops and how to link your Twitch and Albion Online accounts, click here.)

The following tradable rewards have a chance of being dropped by defeated statues in the open world:

  • Riding Horse Skin: Fifth-Year Horse
  • Anniversary Banner - Turquoise (Furniture Item)
  • Firework Launcher: Chromacannon (Vanity Weapon Skin)
  • Anniversary Cake (Consumable food item; gives +15% non-PvP Fame for 30 minutes, stackable with other foods, decays after event ends)