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Into the Fray Patch 7 - Ver. 20.070.1 - October 5, 2022

New Victory Emotes

This patch brings six new Victory Emotes to the game, which can be equipped via the Appearance menu:

  • Hellgate
  • Sword
  • Hammer
  • Mobile Banner
  • Desktop Banner
  • Controller Banner

As with all Victory Emotes, these are available ingame for Gold, or via Twitch Drops.

Expanded Twitch Drops

In addition to the new Victory Emotes, the Amethyst Unicorn, Entertainer’s Costume and Entertainer’s Shoes have been added to the array of possible Twitch Drops.

Other Changes and Improvements

  • The Claim Rewards UI has been reworked, with paging and scrolling added alongside other visual improvements
  • Custom Matches can now be initiated by a third party player. That player can act as an organizer who invites two teams, without taking part in the fight.
  • Removed obsolete / outdated Castle Season Point Breakdown information from UIs
  • Guild Estates UI now shows HQ Qualification and Booster information for guilds who already have a Headquarters Hideout
  • Furniture can no longer be placed on top of loot bags
  • [MOBILE] Increased auto-target maximum range

Combat Balance Changes

Arcane Staffs

The recent Arcane Staff rework made them very popular, but also created a few issues. Firstly, their damage output in 5v5 was too high, so to tone this down consecutive jumps of Chain Missile now deal significantly less damage. This also offers more counter play through body-blocking the projectile to reduce damage to the backline. Its damage in 1v1 is unchanged. Enigma Blade provided a little too much value for a W-slot ability, so its damage output has been toned down a bit. Great Arcane provides a lot of utility in ZvZ and is especially strong as a defensive weapon. The main intended counter to this is to bait the Time Freeze out before committing fully to an attack - however, the short invulnerability window allowed Time Freeze to be chained quite frequently in a large-scale fight. To make a baited Time Freeze more impactful, players are now invulnerable to a further Time Freeze for a significantly longer time. Finally, Dark Sphere’s recent buffs made it much more reliable, but this reliability made its slow too oppressive. The strength of its slow has now been reduced accordingly.

  • Chain Missile (all Arcane Staffs):
    • Arcane Charge Duration: 6s → 3s
    • Projectile Bounce Range: 8m → 7m
    • Damage for each bounce after the first: 121 → 60 (The first target hit still takes 121 damage)
  • Enigma Blade (all Arcane Staffs):
    • Damage: 180 → 165
  • Time Freeze (Great Arcane):
    • Cooldown increased by 10s
    • Player Immunity after a Player Freeze: 5s → 15s
    • The Time Freeze Immunity is now displayed as a visual buff on players
  • Dark Sphere (Evensong):
    • Slow Strength: 25% → 15%

Cursed Staffs

With players having adapted to the new playstyle of the reworked Grudge, its damage output was somewhat too high. This has now been toned down. The damage output of Anguished Soul was also too great, considering its utility with the Fear effect, and has been reduced accordingly.

  • Grudge (all Cursed Staffs):
    • 0 Stack Damage: 20 → 18
    • 1 Stack Damage: 25 → 22.5
    • 2 Stack Damage: 60 → 54
    • 3 Stack Damage: 100 → 90
    • 4 Stack Damage: 150 → 135
  • Anguished Soul (Demonic Staff):
    • Damage: 175 →  160


Throwing Blades’ Damage Increase stacking made it very powerful in large-scale fights where it is easy to reach max stacks. To reduce the possible synergies with stacking damage buffs for one-shotting builds, its Damage Increase has been reduced. At the same time, the raw damage of the Throwing Blade itself has been slightly increased to soften the damage reduction effects in small-scale combat.

  • Throwing Blades (all Daggers):
    • Damage Increase per Stack: 15% → 10%
    • Damage per Hit: 35 → 45

Fire Staffs

Fire Bolt had recently been dealing damage too quickly in 2v2 Hellgates. To make it less oppressive its cast time has been increased, while to make it more attractive in other content its cast range has also been increased. Additionally, Flame Pillar’s damage has been reduced slightly, though it still has very high burst damage potential on a potentially very low cooldown.

  • ​Fire Bolt (all Fire Staffs):
    • Cast time: 0.7s → 0.8s
    • Cast Range: 11m → 12m
  • Flame Pillar (Great Fire Staff):
    • Damage: 200 → 190

Frost Staffs

Frozen Surge remained very much underused since its recent rework. This Q-ability was designed to sacrifice some damage output for its kiting and slowing potential. However, its previous damage was likely still too low, so its damage has been increased a little.

  • Frozen Surge (all Frost Staffs):
    • Damage: 80 → 90

Holy Staffs

Generous Heal has been outshone by Holy Flash in most PvP situations. To make it a more competitive option, its cast time has been reduced and it is now more energy efficient. Great Holy was offering too much utility and sustain in 2v2 Hellgates so, to give other Healing Staffs a chance to shine in this content, the sustain of Holy Explosion has been reduced. Lifetouch was underrepresented in 2v2 Hellgates, so its healing output has been increased to make it more competitive here. Redemption Staff was also somewhat underrepresented, so its energy cost has been reduced to make it a more attractive option.

  • Generous Heal (all Holy Staffs):
    • Cast Time: 0.7s → 0.6s
    • Energy Cost: 7 → 6.2
  • Holy Explosion (Great Holy Staff):
    • Resistance Increase: 0.2 → 0.12
  • Holy Touch (Lifetouch Staff):
    • Heal per Tick: 59 → 64
  • Celestial Sphere (Redemption Staff):
    • Energy Cost: 20 → 16


Mystic Rocks is a strong heal denial with the downside that the caster themself does not receive healing. However, since pre-applied HoTs could circumvent this downside to a degree, activating the ability will now remove all HoTs on the caster. Quarterstaff is currently underused, so its range and cast time have been improved to hit enemies more reliably and provide more utility.

  • Vault Leap (Regular Quarterstaff):
    • Cast Range: 13m → 15m
    • Cast Time: 0.7s → 0.6s
  • Mystic Rocks (Staff of Balance):
    • Activating the ability now removes all HoTs on the caster

Nature Staffs

Cleanse Heal is an extremely powerful ability for its raw healing output. Since its Cleanse already provides a lot of value, the healing output of Cleanse Heal has been reduced.

  • Cleanse Heal (all Nature Staffs):
    • 0 stack Heal: 70 → 55
    • 1 stack Heal: 90 → 70
    • 2 stack Heal: 115 → 90
    • 3 stack Heal: 150 → 120


With so many kidnap and knock up abilities in the game, Knight Helmet has been improved as a counter. Increased range and max targets make it easier to apply, and large groups will need fewer Knight Helmets, allowing some players to free up their helmet slot.

  • Displacement Immunity (Knight Helmet):
    • Max Targets: 5 → 10
    • Radius: 4m → 5m


Everlasting Spirit is an extremely powerful ability that is very commonly used on a lot of builds. To make other Robe abilities more attractive in comparison, its energy cost on activation has been increased.

  • Everlasting Spirit (Cleric Robe):
    • Energy Cost : 15 → 20% Max energy


Some shoe abilities are currently underused, despite having an interesting core design and identity. Therefore the following improvements have been made:

  • Battle Frenzy (Graveguard Boots):
    • Movement Speed Increase: 40% → 55%
    • Duration: 6s → 5s
  • Energetic Sprint (all Cloth Sandals):
    • Energy per Tick: 4 → 5
  • Frost Walk (Druid Sandals):
    • Move Speed Increase: 45% → 55%
  • Premonition (Boots of Valor):
    • First Buff Duration: 2s → 3s
    • Movement Speed Increase: 20% → 45%


Following the change to Everlasting Spirit, Crab Omelettes have been improved as a potential option to deal with the higher energy costs for very energy-dependent builds.

  • Crab Omelettes:
    • Energy Cost Reduction Factor: 0.05 → 0.06
    • (example T7 Crab Omelette 9.5% → 11.3%

Diminishing Returns

With the latest changes, Diminishing Returns ramp up faster and make the mechanic much more effective at disincentivizing stun-locking enemies. However, its long duration also punished tanks by diminishing their own stun. To have less of an impact on solo tanks, the max duration of Diminishing Returns has been reduced.

  • Max Diminishing Return Duration: 20s → 15s


In 2v2 Hellgates, teams employing a healer have generally stood much higher chances against teams without a healer. Having 2v2 Hellgates so reliant on healers has limited the amount of players that can enjoy this content, however, so to open up the possibilities of more comps without healers the overall Healing Output in 2v2 Hellgates has been reduced. Note that, as shields scale with Healing, this change also reduces the impact of other sustain comps that rely on shielding.

  • 2v2 Hellgates:
    • Healing Reduction: 10% → 20%


  • Guild Finder Fixes:
    • Fixed issue where adjusting the language filter in the Guild Finder could cause empty pages to generate
    • Attempting to rejoin a guild via the Guild Finder within the cooldown period now displays the correct error message
  • Spell fixes:
    • The shield of Blessed Aurora (Oathkeepers) can now be removed by shield-breaking abilities, as intended
    • Fixed issue where players affected by Time Freeze (Arcane Staffs) could still reflect damage
    • Fixed issue where overlapping aura spells would sometimes not update correctly, causing Dark Sphere stacks to behave inconsistently
    • Fixed issue where mount spells would sometimes not go on cooldown after changing clusters
  • Fixed issue where when inside a Corrupted Dungeon, the entrance would incorrectly show an exit tooltip
  • Fixed issue where the Exit Dungeon spell would sometimes not work in Hellgates
  • Fixed issue where Alliance UI remained stuck in a default view after creating an alliance
  • [MOBILE] Fixed issue where zooming on a map would also zoom the ingame camera
  • [CONTROLLER] Fixed issue where it was not possible to open loot chests with a Dynamic Action
  • Various additional graphical, UI, terrain, animation, audio, and localization fixes