Albion Online Updates

Beyond the Veil

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Into the Fray Patch 6 - Ver. 20.060.1 - September 14, 2022

Japanese and Italian Added

Guild Finder

  • A new Guild Finder allows players to easily find a suitable guild, and guilds to find new recruits
  • Accessible via the guild dropdown or pressing Shift+G
  • There are three tabs:
    • The first tab is catered towards beginners and recommends beginner-friendly guilds
      • This is based on settings chosen by the guild, as well as some automatically gathered data
    • The second tab contains an improved search function for guild names
    • The third tab contains multiple filter options to find guilds that follow certain playstyles
  • Guild Leaders now also have access to the new Recruitment Tab in their Guild Management
    • There they can set up all the important information that players looking for a guild might need (e.g. language spoken, times active, etc.)
  • NOTE: To give Guild Leaders some time to set up their Recruitment Information, and to get a sufficient data set for the recommendation algorithm, the feature will be disabled on launch. The Guild Finder will be enabled when we deem our data set to be sufficient (current expectation: 1 week).

Season 17 Overview

  • Albion's 17th Guild Season kicks off on September 17
  • This season will be one week shorter than a standard season to avoid Season 18 beginning on December 24, and as a result will offer tripled points during the final weeks
  • In order to receive guild season rewards, players must now again be a member of the qualifying guild for at least 75% of the season. Qualifying time spent with a guild will be easily visible in a new UI.
  • For the full season schedule, see this forum post:
  • This season brings changes to the Crystal Arena, Hideout Boosters, Open-World Treasures, and more—read on for details

Crystal Arena Changes

Starting with Season 17, there will be additional substeps in the Crystal Arena ranking system. While the amount of Rank Points needed to reach maximum rank remains the same, there will be extra steps between the ranks (Iron III, Iron IV, etc.) which makes Rank Up events more frequent. As a result, more chests are given out for ranking up in a Crystal Arena Season.  Additionally, Arena rankings will not fully reset at season end. Instead, players will be partially ranked down at the start of the next season: for example, Crystal Rank players will start at Silver I. Any Rank Up Rewards skipped by starting above zero are still earned, and will be sent via in-game mail. Details:

  • Full list of ranks starting with Season 17:
    • Iron I-IV
    • Bronze I-IV
    • Silver I-IV
    • Gold I-IV
    • Crystal
  • At the start of the next Arena Season, players will be partially instead of fully down-ranked
  • Other changes:
    • The Arena Master now only accepts the new Arena Sigils; the old Discontinued Arena Sigils can no longer be traded for rewards. However, Discontinued Arena Sigils can now be salvaged for a 10% chance to get a T4 Royal Sigil.
    • Various UI improvements

Hideout Booster Changes

  • Boosters are no longer earned at the end of a season
  • Instead, every guild always has a Booster (beginning with guild creation)
  • To use the Booster, the guild must still meet the current HQ Hideout requirements, i.e. meeting the Season Point Threshold of the current or previous season
  • After use, the Booster goes on a 90-day cooldown

Treasure Chest Adjustments

  • Small Treasure Chests now open more quickly (5 min → 3 min)
  • The time they take to respawn has been adjusted accordingly
  • Treasure Chest loot distribution now puts less emphasis on Legendary Chests, with Regular Chest loot value instead increased by 20%. This will improve the average loot experience, but reduce the value spikes of Legendary Chests.
  • Halved chance for a large treasure chest to spawn but increased value accordingly

Might Level Changes

  • Crystal Spiders:
    • Might Requirement First Level: 20,000 → 10,000
    • Might Level Requirements for all subsequent levels halved (i.e. each Crystal Spider effectively gives twice the Season Points)
  • Corrupted Dungeons:
    • Might Requirement Increase per Level: 4,000 → 3,000
  • 2v2 Hellgates:
    • Might Requirement Increase per Level: 5,000 → 4,000
  • 5v5 Hellgates:
    • Might Requirement Increase per Level: 7,000 → 5,000

Corrupted Dungeon Changes

Players can now directly enter a new Corrupted Dungeon after they defeat another player or are banished. This allows players who want to primarily engage in the PvP aspect of this feature to have less downtime between PvP fights.

  • If a player defeats another player or is banished by another player, the Exit Dungeon ability cast time is shortened back to 7s. (This does not apply to players who destroy the crystals during an invasion, only to those who are banished when the crystals are destroyed by an opponent.)
  • After successfully casting the Exit Dungeon ability, the player can choose to directly enter a new Corrupted Dungeon.
  • Additionally, downing an invader on Hunter level now sends the invader back into the open world.

Hideout Crafting Changes

By player demand, crafting bonuses from Power Levels for Hideouts have been changed. Instead of a multiplicative bonus, each power level now adds an additive +1% bonus to general crafting and a +2% bonus to specialist crafting (for a total of +3% for specialist crafting recipes since these are additive with each other). As our goal was to make the crafting quality slope more fair and even, this results in a reduction to Hideouts with very large bonuses, while affecting Hideouts in lower quality zones less.

Study Fame Changes

  • Local Bonuses no longer increase Fame received from studying, but the base Study Fame Factor (i.e. Fame earned by studying vs. crafting the same item) has been increased from 2 to 2.75
    • In a Specialist City, this results in an increase from 2.66 to 2.75
  • Daily Production Bonus events still apply a multiplier to Studying Fame
    • In a Specialist City during a rare (+20%) event, this results in an increase from 3.06 to 3.30
  • Focus can still be used on Studying and is multiplicative with all other bonuses
    • In a Specialist City during a rare (+20%) event, this results in an increase from 4.64 to 5.25

Economy Adjustments

Recent updates and patches have substantially increased the amount of Silver generated by Albion’s economy each day. This led to a substantial increase of the in-game price of Gold and Premium.
Our economic modeling shows that this increase will continue unless we rebalance the Silver economy in such a way that sinks and faucets are brought back to a balanced state. Hence, we have implemented the following changes:

  • Increased Silver sinks, and reduced Silver faucets, by around 10% across the board
  • Increased market order setup fee and sales fee by by one percentage point (two for non-Premium characters)

Other Changes and Improvements

  • Activity Hub now displays notifications for new events
  • Added win / lose / draw overhead message after duels
  • Updated minimap party icon for better readability
  • Added role colors to party members on minimap and zone map
  • Added "Always" option for entering Roads of Avalon portals that will close soon
  • Battle Mount combat spells are now disabled in yellow zones
  • Removed the Taunt VFX from Concussive Blow to make it more readable during combat
  • [MOBILE] Improved scaling of various UI windows
  • [MOBILE] Added option to disable zoom camera
  • [CONTROLLER SUPPORT] Controller buttons can now be assigned as Hotkeys to various actions; added auto-run option


  • Fixed issue where spell indicator areas would sometimes not display
  • Fixed issue where Faction Outposts could be captured with defenders still in the circle
  • Fixed issue where incorrect loot bonus percentage was displayed in loot UI
  • Hotkey element on spell icons now displays correct info
  • Fixed issue where closing and reopening the Rights UI would produce a blank window
  • Fixed issue where Thetford Cape's Chain Lightning effect showed wrong values on Training Dummies
  • Time Freeze (Great Arcane Staff) now only applies immunities if the stun successfully triggers on the target; if the stun is blocked the target will not gain immunity and the animation will not freeze
  • Fixed rare issue where players could become stuck after changing zones and casting spells very quickly
  • [MOBILE] Fixed an issue where spells on cooldown could be dragged and cast in wrong direction after cooldown expired
  • [MOBILE] Fixed an issue where some spell re-activations would use the wrong spell target (Glacial Obelisk, Shock Wave, Avalanche)
  • Various additional graphical, UI, terrain, animation, audio, and localization fixes