Albion Online Updates

Beyond the Veil

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Into the Fray Patch 1 - Ver. 20.010.1 - June 20, 2022

Arena / Crystal Arena Changes

  • Vastly improved matchmaking; 5-player pre-made matchmaking in particular should be much faster and do a better job at finding opponents on a similar skill level
  • Players are now automatically healed at the start and end of Arena / Crystal Arena matches, and all cooldowns (including capes) are reset
  • Players’ max load is now increased when in an Arena match
  • Highest Crystal Arena Rank Points for the season are now visible in the Character Stats UI
  • Arena limited rewards now always reset during maintenance instead of the current 22-hour cooldown

Other Changes

  • Players can now travel to Royal Cities and islands from Portal Towns while carrying items / baggage
  • Increased time for treasure chests in Castles and Castle Outposts to despawn from 5 minutes -> 30 minutes
  • "Enrage" buff of Elite Castle Guards no longer stacks
  • Clicking on a capturable orb (eg. in Crystal League) now auto-dismounts the player
  • Picking up a Power Core or Energy Crystal now removes the shielding effect from invisibility shrines (target will still be silenced and can't attack for 10s)

Combat Balance Changes

Fire Staffs

  • Pyroblast  (one-handed Fire Staffs):
    • Adjusted the aiming mechanic:
      • Significantly increased rotation speed
      • The aiming area is no longer displayed to other players
  • Fire Bolt (all Fire Staffs):
    • Instant Damage: 70 → 62
    • DoT Damage per Tick: 5.5 → 5
  • Flame Blast (all Fire Staffs):
    • Cooldown: 8s → 12s
    • Explosion Damage: 150 → 140
    • Instant Damage: 45 → 40


  • Blood Ritual (Demonfang):
    • Damage: 140 → 126


  • Spell fixes:
    • Fire Artillery areas no longer stack from multiple players
    • Area of Combustion (Infernal Staff) now correctly dissipates if the debuff is purged or ends on the primary target
    • Fixed an issue where canceling Pyroblast channel would lead to jumpy movement
    • Fixed an issue where Shadow Edge and Chain Slash (All Daggers) would reposition the caster even when at more than 150% of carry capacity
  • UI fixes:
    • Fixed an issue where using a Gathering Tome while affected by a Fame buff (e.g. Hideout Home buff) incorrectly showed too much Fame in combat log, despite correct amount of Fame actually being awarded
    • Fixed an issue where the default sender ("Player" or "Guild") defaulted to the incorrect option in the Compose Mail UI
    • Fixed an issue where pagination did not work in shop UI
    • Fixed display issues with Faction Warfare UI
    • Fixed an issue where disbanded alliances were not removed from an Island’s access rights
    • Fixed an issue where Castle icon on minimap would remain in place when zooming in
    • Arena queue can no longer be accepted while in knockdown state
  • Regular offseason Level 1 Crystal League matches are now lethal as intended
  • No-Show wins will now reward the correct token for Lethal 5v5 Crystal League Level 2 and 3 matches
  • Fixed an issue where characters would be frozen after using Smart Cluster Queue UI in some cases
  • Castle chests now have the intended protection time of 60 minutes (previously 40)
  • Weekend Castle chests now show their correct rarity
  • Fixed an issue where the Corrupted Dungeon entry channel would break when under the influence of an Invisibility Shrine
  • [MOBILE] Fixed an issue where the Item Crafting UI content was incorrectly clipped
  • [MOBILE] Fixed an issue where spell tooltips were sometimes missing the spell name
  • Additional graphical, animation, terrain, audio, UI, and localization fixes