Albion Online Updates

Wild Blood

Coming October 16

Beyond the Veil Patch 11 - Ver. 22.110.1 - July 5, 2023

Hide Casting and Channeling Bars

This patch adds the option to hide casting and channeling bars of other players, which can be beneficial during crowded fights. This can be set for allied players, enemy players, or both.

These options can be set in Settings → Interface.

General Changes and Improvements

  • [MOBILE] Login interface now supports autofill via Password Managers
  • Faction Warfare:
    • When a zone becomes a backline, all Outposts now automatically change ownership to the zone owner
    • An attacking Faction that becomes cut off can no longer progress the capture of a zone, even if that Faction holds the majority of Outposts in the zone
  • Crystal Arena / 5v5 Crystal League match duration: 25 minutes → 24 minutes
  • Guild Finder now accepts custom Discord links
  • Added avatars for Mists chests

Selectable Nametag Changes and Fixes


  • Removed default box around off-screen nametags - now only shown on mouseover or when target is selected
  • Off-screen nametags now always have some transparency


  • Fixed issue where right-clicking nametag selected player (now only activated by left click)
  • Fixed issue where skillshots could not be cast when clicking on player nametag

Controller Changes and Fixes


  • Items moved via controller now stack by default
  • Text fields no longer default to input mode when navigated to via controller - added "Input Text" interaction and hint for the confirm button for controllers instead


  • Fixed issue where it was not possible to interact with the Fort Sterling Marketplace while using a controller
  • Fixed issue where "Quick Cast on Button Release" did not work with control scheme "Right stick cursor"
  • Fixed issue where pressing button while walking would spam ground clicks and character would keep moving

Combat Balance Changes

This patch improves less frequently used abilities and tones down some abilities that are frustrating to play against or too dominant in specific content types. It also contains various Quality-of-Life improvements.

Arcane Staffs

To increase the value of Arcane Orb’s effects, it now purges before the silence. This change makes sure the purging effect removes silence immunity buffs on the target before silencing.

Because the Void's Cleanse Logic rework in Patch 10 caused unintended side effects with other spells, it is reverted for now.

  • Arcane Orb (one-handed Arcane Staff)
    • Purge now triggers before the silence
  • The Void (Malevolent Locus)
    • Reverted cleanse logic rework introduced in Patch 10 (i.e. CC effects and debuffs are no longer instantly removed, but cleansed in a fixed tick interval)


Enchanted Quiver has been very powerful in various solo activities. To give other weapons a better chance to defend against it, the damage output is toned down a bit. Additionally, the projectile size of Magic Arrow is slightly increased to bring it more in line with similar abilities.

  • Enchanted Quiver (Bow)
    • Attack Damage Increase: 240% → 220%
  • Magic Arrow (Warbow)
    • Projectile hitbox increased slightly


To give crossbows more consistent damage output in PvP, the projectile speed is increased and the standtime of the ability reduced.

Siegebow is very popular in large-scale fights and is often used by multiple users at the same time. To reduce the efficiency of using multiple Siegebows, the damage percentage is now based on the remaining health of the target. This keeps the alpha strike of the first Siegebow deadly, but using multiple Siegebows at the same time now diminishes each other’s damage output somewhat.

  • Explosive Bolt (all Crossbows)
    • Standtime: 0.3s → 0.2s
    • Projectile Speed: 30m/s → 40m/s
  • Vicious Barrage (Siegebow)
    • Damage Percent basis: Max Health → Current Health


Heavy Maces have been extensively used in 5v5 Crystals and are especially dominant in the Cross map, and are often used in large-scale battles in the open world. To bring them more in line with other tank weapons, the cooldown is increased.

Additionally, Battle Howl now purges before the silence. This change makes sure the purging effect removes silence immunity buffs on the target before silencing.

  • Battle Howl (Heavy Mace)
    • Cooldown: 15s → 18s
    • Purge now triggers before the silence


Iron Will’s effect did not scale with Item Power, but its Energy Cost did. In order to prevent this, the Energy Cost is now percentage-based.

Although Parry Strike has a lot of outplay potential, the ability is not used very often. To make it more attractive, the cooldown is slightly reduced, so it can be used more frequently in fights.

  • Iron Will (all Swords)
    • Energy Cost: 9 (flat) → 10% (of Max Energy)
  • Parry Strike (all Swords)
    • Cooldown: 18s → 16s


With the recent rework of Brecilien Capes it is intended to give players a tool that can reliably break shields in large-scale battles. To achieve this, a Shield Break is added to Black Monk Staff. To not overload the ability, the Slow is removed.

  • Fatal Blade (Black Monk Staff)
    • Removed the Slow
    • Breaks any shields every time it deals damage


To improve the reliability of Spears in PvP fights, Impaler is now easier to hit.

Additionally, the hitbox of Spear Throw (Heron Spear) is fixed, making it less likely to hit targets directly behind the caster.

  • Impaler (all Spears)
    • Hit Delay: 0.4s → 0.3s
    • Standtime: 0.8s → 0.65s
  • Spear Throw (Heron Spear)
    • Adjusted Projectile Hitbox, making it less likely to hit close targets behind caster


Retaliate is still one of the most-used helmet abilities in solo fights, especially in Stalker Corrupted Dungeons. Having most 1v1 fights revolve around one helmet greatly reduces the diversity in builds and matchups. To reduce the impact of the helm in this content, the duration of the Retaliate buff is reduced.

To further improve the variety in helmets, the underused Block (Soldier Helmet) and Stone Skin (all Plate Helmets) are both buffed.

  • Block (Soldier Helmet)
    • Channel Duration: 1.75s → 2.5s
  • Electric Discharge (Judicator Helmet)
    • Fixed bug where it triggered higher Diminishing Returns than intended
  • Retaliate (Hunter Hood)
    • Buff Duration: 4s → 3s
  • Stone Skin (all Plate Helmets)
    • Cooldown: 45s → 30s
    • Buff Duration: 7s → 4s


Life Steal Aura has been used frequently in Mists PvP fights to instantly heal up using mobs. To reduce the effectiveness of this strategy, the lifesteal against mobs is reduced.

  • Life Steal Aura (Hellion Jacket)
    • Now steals only 50% of the damage dealt to Mobs (Lifesteal vs. players unchanged)


As Crush Charge has been popular in a wide variety of content, its cooldown is increased to open up space for other offensive Boot options.

Dodge was underplayed for quite some time, so its cooldown is decreased to match other available i-Frame Boot options.

Energetic Sprint energy values are decreased, reducing the possibility of solving all Energy shortages solely through this basic ability.

Rejuvenating Sprint has been overplayed in most small-scale content. To allow other options to be played, the effectiveness of the heal is reduced.

  • Crush Charge (Duskweaver Boots)
    • Cooldown: 20s → 25s
  • Dodge (all Boots)
    • Cooldown: 25s → 20s
  • Energetic Sprint (all Cloth Sandals)
    • Energy per Tick: 5 → 4 (Total Energy: 20 → 16)
  • Rejuvenating Sprint (all Plate Boots)
    • Heal per Tick: 18 → 14.4 (Total Heal: 72 → 57.6)

Battlemount Abilities

Recently, players started stacking multiple Roving Bastions to roam the open world, because they provide a safe way to deal significant damage in high numbers. To make it less attractive to stack multiple Bastions, the damage is significantly reduced and more value is put into the stackable debuff.

  • Crystal Beam (Roving Bastion)
    • Damage Reduction Debuff: 12% → 15%
    • Damage: 120 → 24


As a Quality-of-Life change, the cooldown on spell changes is reduced, allowing faster spell selections when reacting to opponents. However, changing equipment items still triggers a 10s cooldown, because we don't want to increase the advantage of carrying multiple sets in the open world too much. Players with one set of items shouldn't be at a big disadvantage.

To prevent players from unintentionally canceling their own channels and toggles in the heat of battle, the minimum duration before these can be canceled by pressing the ability button again is slightly increased.

  • Cooldown on Spell Change: 10s → 5s (Cooldown on Equipment Change remains 10s)
  • Minimum duration before cancel:
    • Toggle abilities: 0.5s → 0.75s
    • Channel abilities: 0.3s → 0.75s

Knightfall Abbey

Blessing of Compassion has been outshining other available Blessings inside Knightfall Abbey. To promote other Blessings, its effectiveness has been slightly reduced.

  • Blessing of Compassion
    • 1 Stack Heal: 14% → 10%
    • 1 Stack Heal over time: 7% → 5%
    • Scaling per Stack:
      • Instant Heal: 1% (unchanged)
      • Heal over time: 0.5% → 0.25%

General Fixes

  • UI and display fixes:
    • Fixed issue where Login UI disappeared if user accepted Close Application prompt
    • Fixed issue where, when opening world map and clicking a zone while inside Knightfall Abbey, the Knightfall Abbey map would show
    • Mounts of dismounted players no longer show in overcrowded regions
    • Fixed Guild Season winner banner animation
    • Fixed message when trying to place items in food slot
  • Crystal League / Arena: Fixed issue where final point rotation of claimed orbs did not count toward final score
  • Slow effect of Malicious Imp autoattack no longer triggers Diminishing Returns
  • [MOBILE] Fixed issue where spells could not be interrupted by releasing joystick and moving in same direction as when starting cast
  • Additional graphical, UI, terrain, audio, animation, and localization fixes