Albion Online Updates

Wild Blood

Coming October 16

Beyond the Veil Patch 10 - Ver. 22.100.1 - June 19, 2023

This patch includes changes for the current Guild Seasons. For a full rundown of these changes and the reasoning behind them, as well as the season schedules, see this forum post:

Hideout Energy and Power Changes

  • If a guild owns a territory in the same zone as their Hideout, that Hideout's Energy depletion rate is reduced (i.e. it holds its Energy more effectively):
    • Level 0-3: -12.5%
    • Level 4: -14.2%
    • Level 5: -16.6%
    • Level 6: -20%
    • Level 7: -25%
    • Level 8: -33.3%
    • Level 9: -50%
    • Roads Hideouts cannot gain the Territory Bonus
  • Increased HQ Hideout Power Bonus from 50% to 100%
  • Increased HQ Hideout Energy Penalty from 35% to 51%
  • Increased Energy drain rate for Hideouts and HQ Hideouts at medium-to-high levels:
    • Level 4: +16.6%
    • Level 5: +20%
    • Level 6: +25%
    • Level 7: +33.3%
    • Level 8: +50%
    • Level 9: +100%
  • Decreased Energy granted by Outlands Hideout Power Cores from 100% to 75%

Crystal Arena and League Changes

Crystal Arena

Adjusted Rank Point formula to make players less likely to hit a wall whereby they receive fewer points per win than they would lose per loss. Crystal and Iron brackets are not greatly affected, but players are less likely to be stuck in Silver and early Gold brackets if they maintain good win rates.

5v5 Crystal League and Crystal Arena

For this season, the map has been changed back to Cross. Due to its more compact layout, the round timer and point value per rotation have been decreased to ensure exciting and fast paced gameplay.

  • Changed Map: Spade → Cross
  • Scoring Round: 150s → 120s
  • Scoring Changed:
    • 1 Runestone advantage 25 → 20
    • 2 Runestones advantage 35 → 30
    • 3 Runestones advantage 50 → 40

Single-Server Changes

  • Albion East:
    • All Castle and Castle Outpost Treasure spawn times moved 30 minutes earlier, making it easier to contest Territory Fights and claim Castle Chests afterwards
    • Updated Guild Logos on Beta Season Winner Statues in open world
  • Albion West:
    • Season 18 West Statues are now placeable furniture items

Knightfall Abbey Rewards Adjustments

After reviewing the data from the Knightfall patch, it was found that slight adjustments were needed. While overall rewards were fine, the Silver-to-loot ratio needed adjusting. Therefore, Silver from mobs has been significantly reduced, and Silver from loot chests found in Statues and protected by bosses has been increased.

This brings mob values more in line with those found in other dungeons, while increasing the loot of affected chests by ~22.2%. Coffer and Treasure Chest values are unaffected by this change.

Combat Balance Changes

This patch further improves some underused spells, and adjusts some abilities and items that were somewhat out of line or frustrating to play against.

Arcane Staffs

Time Freeze's disruptive potential in large-scale fights has been addressed by increasing the immunity period between each freeze. This lets it remain a powerful tool at stopping single engagements, but makes it much weaker when trying to constantly cast Time Freeze into an enemy group as a distraction. Further, The Void's cleansing mechanism has been reworked to instantly remove any CC and debuff effects, negating the potential mini-stuns that briefly occurred between cleansing intervals. Ground-area CC effects like Sacred Ground still hit inside the area.

  • Time Freeze (Great Arcane)
    • Immunity to another Time Freeze vs Players: 5s → 11s
  • The Void (Malevolent Locus)
    • Reworked Cleanse logic inside the area; CC effects and debuff are now instantly removed when applied (preventing micro-stuns inside the area)


To make Demon Arrow (Wailing Bow) better suited to large-scale battles, its damage increase logic has been updated, ensuring that damage amplifies properly for each player hit and enhancing the spell's damage ramp-up against tightly clustered enemies.

  • Demon Arrow (Wailing Bow)
    • Damage keeps increasing when multiple targets are hit at the same time.


Chain Slash’s damage was too heavily weighted towards the last hit, leading to underuse in small-scale battles. To make it more valuable in such encounters, and provide more reliable damage to focused targets, its damage spread has been redistributed away from its fourth target.

The Resilience Penetration of Demonfang and Bridled Fury has been toned down, making Daggers closer to other weapons with large area attacks in large-scale fights. This accompanies a fix for missing AoE escalation on Merciless Finish (Bridled Fury), offset by a reduction in base damage.

  • Chain Slash (all Daggers)
    • 1st Hit Damage: 90 → 110
    • 2nd Hit Damage: 110 → 125
    • 3rd Hit Damage: 130 → 140
    • 4th Hit Damage: 150 → 155
  • Merciless Finish (Bridled Fury)
    • Fixed missing AoE escalation, reduced base damage to make up for this change
    • 0 Charge Damage: 79 → 63.2
    • 1 Charge Damage: 126 → 100.8
    • 2 Charge Damage: 189 → 151.2
    • 3 Charge Damage: 250 → 200
  • Demonfang
    • Resilience Penetration: 50% → 40%
  • Bridled Fury
    • Resilience Penetration: 75% → 50%

Fire Staffs

Due to its infrequent usage in PvP, Burning Fields’ initial damage hit has been significantly increased. This further encourages utilizing the initial damage aspect of the spell, instead of relying on the burning effect on the ground, leading to more engaging fights.

Flame Blast has been competing with an array of other Fire Staff W-Spells. For this reason a mobility component has been added, improving its playability in the open world while encouraging cooperation with other players.

  • Burning Field (all Fire Staffs)
    • Damage of initial hit: 52 → 70
  • Flame Blast (all Fire Staffs)
    • When cast on yourself or an ally the target gains a 60% move speed bonus for 1.6s

Holy Staffs

To reinvigorate Holy Touch (Lifetouch Staff), its channel time has been shortened without reducing its healing output. This makes it possible to heal faster and guarantees more healing gets through, even when interrupted.

  • Holy Touch (Lifetouch Staff)
    • Tick Interval: 0.6s → 0.5s
    • Amount of Ticks: 6 → 5
    • Heal per tick: 64 → 76.8


In response to the decreasing use of Camlann Mace in large-scale fights, the range and projectile speed of its E-Ability have been increased.

  • Vendetta (Camlann Mace)
    • Projectile Range: 18m→ 21m
    • Projectile Speed: 19.23 m/s → 23.07 m/s

Nature Staffs

A recent ganking strategy was to link Soul Link with a mount and a player, completely negating the mount's armor. To prevent this, Soul Link can no longer be cast on mounted players.

  • Soul Link (Ironroot Staff)
    • Can no longer target mounted players


Given the game’s faster pace in recent years, the channel time of Forest of Spears felt somewhat outdated. Its channel time has thus been reduced, while keeping the total damage the same.

  • Forest of Spears (all Spears)
    • Number of Ticks: 8 → 6 (This reduces the max channel duration by 0.6s)
    • Damage per Tick: 35.96 → 47.94 (total channel damage stays the same)


Carving Sword has had a strong presence inside the Mists and various forms of group fighting, with strong resistance reduction paired with good mobility and damage. To balance its strength without changing how it plays and feels, its Resistance Reduction has been decreased slightly.

  • Fearless Strike (Carving Sword)
    • Resistance Reduction:
    • 0 Stacks: 0.07 → 0.05
    • 1 Stack: 0.11 → 0.10
    • 2 Stacks: 0.17 → 0.15
    • 3 Stacks: 0.24 → 0.2

War Gloves

Create Opening was often outshone by other Q-options in PvP. Therefore its cast range has been increased, making it easier to keep on enemy targets.

The Resilience Penetration of Spiked Gauntlets and Ravenstrike Cestus has been toned down, bringing it closer to other weapons with large area attacks in large-scale fights. Further, Earth Crusher’s (Ravenstrike Cestus) self-slow has been reduced to make it more responsive and threatening during its charging time, while its base damage has been increased as a counterbalance to the Resilience Penetration change. Spiked Gauntlet's damage remains unchanged.

  • Create Opening (all War Gloves)
    • Cast Range: 2m → 2.5m
  • Earth Crusher (Ravenstrike Cestus)
    • Self Slow: 50% → 25%
    • 0 Charge Damage: 160 → 166
    • 1 Charge Damage: 170 → 176
    • 2 Charge Damage: 180 → 187
    • 3 Charge Damage: 190 → 198
  • Spiked Gauntlet
    • Resilience Penetration: 60% → 50%
  • Ravenstrike Cestus
    • Resilience Penetration: 60% → 50%


Although After Image provided some fun outplay options, it remained underused. To give players options to utilize its unique effect better and make it less likely to be countered by a single CC Effect, the time window for its reactivation has been increased.

  • After Image (Mistwalker Shoes)
    • Recast time for return teleport: 4s → 6s


Sandstorm (Bridgewatch Cape) did not find its way into the meta after the latest rework, so to make it more attractive, the slow value of its area has been increased.

Brecilien Capes have also not been used much so far. Rather than simply improving its defensive effects, which risks overshadowing other capes, there is now more focus on a secondary utility effect. Its debuff immunity has therefore been replaced with purge immunity while the shield is active. This should offer more opportunities for different build compositions and different playstyles that are currently hard-countered by purges, e.g. builds relying on Speed Caster, Haste, etc.

Avalonian Capes had a bug where cooldown scaled with Item Power, though it was intended to always be 25s. Based on the popularity of the item and its wide usage range with that dynamic cooldown, its cooldown has been changed to 30s. This will result in a small improvement for lower IP capes and a longer cooldown on higher IP capes.

  • Fey Barrier (Brecilien Cape)
    • Caster is immune to purges while the shield is active
    • Debuff removal and debuff immunity removed
  • Sandstorm (Bridgewatch Cape)
    • Slow Strength: 20% → 40%
  • Force Pulse (Avalonian Cape)
    • Cooldown: 37s (700 IP), 26.5s (1400 IP), → 30s (across all IP)


  • UI Fixes:
    • Fixed issue where zone map could not be closed by clicking outside
    • Fixed issue where interacting with Island Merchant with Social UI open caused overlap
    • Fixed issues where searching in Guild Season Rankings did not function correctly and window could become stuck when logging out with UI open
    • Fixed issue where emptied Coffers still showed on minimap
    • Added error message when attempting to execute players while in Hostile Dismount state
  • Spell fixes:
    • Fixed issue where Ethereal Form (Feyscale Sandals) reduced its channel time when hit
    • Ethereal Path (Harvester Workboots): Removed incorrect lingering invisibility text from tooltip; revealing the invisibility no longer interrupts dash or removes forced movement immunity
  • Fixed issue where Invaders could lose the Corrupted Dungeon Debuff by downing themselves before invading other players' Dungeons
  • Improving quality of Brecilien Owl mounts no longer increases the negative carry weight effect
  • Improved behavior of keyboard (WASD) movement: While channeling spells, any new movement keypress will cancel the channel
  • Fixed issue where character models could appear and disappear
  • Fixed issue where Brecilien could not be selected as a destination at the Travel Planner when having Home set to a Mists Island
  • Fixed issue where downing yourself with Bloodthirsty Blade (Dagger) would expel you from the Mists
  • Fixed issue where chests in Castles and Outposts would display incorrect rarity
  • Fixed issue where reflecting damage could put a player into an active combat state
  • Undead Archers can now be rooted or slowed as they run away
  • [CONTROLLER] Fixed issue where fishing would cancel on bite
  • Additional graphical, audio, UI, terrain, and localization fixes