Albion Online Updates

Wild Blood

Coming October 16

Known Issues

Rise of Avalon Patch 2 - Ver. 1.17.404 / REV 173341 - 27 August 2020

Season 9 Statue Added to Conquerors' Hall

Visit Conquerors' Hall in all major Royal Continent cities to see the new statue honoring season winners Elevate. The statue appears both at the entryway and inside the hall, and also honors second- and third-place winners Bloco de Rua and RANG.

Corrupted Dungeon Changes

  • Updated Infamy loss/gain in PvP:
    • Infamy loss when killed: 20% → 10%
    • Infamy gained from killing another player: 10% → 8%
  • Added flat Infamy bonus to PvP wins which varies by difficulty level:
    • Hunter: 300 Infamy
    • Stalker: 1500 Infamy
    • Slayer: 6000 Infamy
  • Adjusted loot scaling based on the increased Infamy pool from these changes
  • Slayer dungeons now unlock at 100,000 Infamy, but this unlock is now permanent
  • Players who have already unlocked Slayer level once will have it permanently unlocked retroactively
  • Matchmaking system adjusted to maintain consistent invasion chance for PvE players while guaranteeing PvP players can find a match

For more details of these changes and the intentions behind them, see this forum post:

Disarray Changes

Disarray (zerg debuff) curve is flattened further and now hard caps at 30% (150 or more players). Example values:

  • 50 Players: Disarray Strength 18%
  • 100 Players: Disarray Strength 28%
  • 150 Players: Disarray Strength: 30% (hard cap)

For more details of these changes and the intentions behind them, see this forum post:

New Castles and Castle Outposts Added

5 new Castles and 20 new Castle Outposts have been added to the Outlands. Players in affected zones when the patch is deployed will be moved to the nearest entrance.

New Castles (Location / Prime Time):

  • Drownfield Course / 15:00 UTC
  • Greenshore Peninsula / 3:00 UTC
  • Sunstrand Delta / 3:00 UTC
  • Highstone Meadow / 0:00 UTC
  • Gravemound Cliffs / 5:00 UTC

New Castle Outposts (Location / Prime Time):

  • Wetgrave Swale / 21:00 UTC
  • Brambleshore Hinterlands / 21:00 UTC
  • Southgrove Escarp / 3:00 UTC
  • Giantweald Woods / 15:00 UTC
  • Timberscar Copse / 15:00 UTC
  • Timbertop Escarp / 18:00 UTC
  • Swiftsands Plain / 21:00 UTC
  • Thirstwater Steppe / 0:00 UTC
  • Drytop Riverbed / 18:00 UTC
  • Thirstwater Waste / 21:00 UTC
  • Farshore Lagoon / 15:00 UTC
  • Slakesands Mesa / 5:00 UTC
  • Sandmount Desert / 15:00 UTC
  • Highstone Grassland / 3:00 UTC
  • Gravemound Brim / 3:00 UTC
  • Stonelake Hillock / 15:00 UTC
  • Everwinter Passage / 21:00 UTC
  • Munten Fell / 3:00 UTC
  • Frostseep Crevasse / 18:00 UTC
  • Whitecliff Expanse / 21:00 UTC

UI Improvements and Fixes

  • Scoreboard (Arena / Crystal League / City Fights):
    • Scoreboards now update with each new player who joins to make sure equipment is displayed correctly for early joiners
    • This resolves an issue where average player item power was not always updated
  • Hellgates:
    • Improved gear warning messages for Hellgates

Other Changes

  • Increased overall spawn numbers for Hellgates (2v2 and 5v5) to compensate for increased numbers of Hellgate spawn areas due to Roads of Avalon

Combat Balance Changes


  • Knockback Shot (all Crossbows):
    • Ability is now an aimed skillshot instead of a direct enemy-targeted cast
    • Range: 8m → 14m
    • Hit delay: 0.1s → 0.2s
    • Standtime: 0.2s → 0.4s
    • Cooldown: 8s → 12s
  • Exploding Shot (Light Crossbow):
  • No longer classified as DoT, meaning it can no longer be removed by Emergency Heal
  • Explosion Damage: 201.96 → 180.00


  • Everlasting Spirit (Cleric Robe):
    • Activation phase no longer counts as a buff and thus can't be purged
  • Purging Shield (Mage Robe):
    • The purge now is only activated by direct damage, either by an ability or auto attack
    • DoTs or Reflected Damage no longer trigger the purge


  • Emergency Heal (Guardian Helmet):
    • Healing value no longer scales with healing modifiers
    • Heal value: 10% → 12%


  • Taproot:
    • Max Health and Health Regen Factor: 0.42 → 0.3


  • Healing Potions:
    • Healing value no longer scales with healing modifiers


  • "Recover All" now works when recovering items from a destroyed Hideout as intended
  • Portal Shrines can now be used only once every 10 minutes as intended
  • Fame for killing Faction Warfare bosses has been returned to its previous intended level
  • Fame for killing some Hellgate mobs has been returned to its previous intended level
  • Players can now use Tier 4 and 5 Solo Dungeon Maps in eligible Road of Avalon zones as intended
  • Fixed an issue where the option to respawn in Last City did not appear after dying in the Roads of Avalon if "Home" option was present
  • An unlimited number of players can now use the speed boost areas in the Roads of Avalon as intended
  • Fixed an issue where players who entered an Expedition or the Arena from an island would become stuck
  • Fixed an issue where Divine Engine ability (Energy Shaper) could be cleansed, causing it to deal no damage
  • Flash Heal (Holy Staffs) has been completely removed from the game, resolving an issue where this ability could sometimes still be triggered
  • Fixed an issue where Motivating Cleanse (Arcane Staffs) affected more than the intended 5 players
  • Fixed an issue where the UI of Hideouts in Roads of Avalon could not be opened from the Guild Estates menu
  • [Mobile] Fixed an issue where dragging of Wardrobe and Mount Skins was sometimes not possible
  • [Mobile] Fixed an issue where auto-targeting was able to target unhittable enemies
  • Additional graphical, animation, terrain, and localization fixes