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Queen Patch 9 - Ver. 1.16.393 / REV 163530 - 1 April 2020

Fishing Improvements

  • Fishing now has a chance to give seaweed as a bonus in areas that have not yet been exhausted - the chance for this bonus increases with the tier of the fishing spot
  • Food that gives a bonus to gathering yield now also applies that same bonus to fishing yield
  • Fisherman Armor and Avalonian Fishing Rods now apply their fishing yield bonuses to T1 fish and seaweed - previously these only applied to T2 fish up to a maximum defined by the item
  • Destiny Board fishing speed and fishing yield bonuses now apply to all tiers (previously only 3-8)

New Wardrobe Skin: The Eggsecutioner

  • Today's patch introduces a new wardrobe skin, The Eggsecutioner, which is now permanently available via the ingame Appearance menu.
  • You can also unlock this item with Surprise Eggs which will be available throughout the world while the Easter Event is active (April 8-22)
  • As with all vanity skins, once acquired it is unlocked for all characters on an account, and can be displayed in city, island, and Hideout zones via the ingame settings


  • Tier-dependent fishing yield bonuses now apply based on the tier of the item caught rather than the tier of the cluster, as intended
  • Resolved a case where the Destiny Board bonus would not always apply to fishing
  • Fixed an issue where party markers would not update on same target and same party marker could be applied to two targets
  • Fixed an issue where closing a menu while scrolling or switching tabs would cause the menu to glitch when reopened
  • Additional minor graphical, UI, audio, and localization fixes