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Queen Patch 6 - Ver. 1.16.393 / REV 161355 - 4 March 2020

Alliance Rejoin Cooldown Changes

  • Patch 5 introduced a 3-day cooldown for leaving and rejoining the same alliance. (This existed alongside the 7-day cooldown on joining a new alliance that was already in the game.)
  • With today's patch, the duration of this cooldown has been updated:
    • Alliance Rejoin Cooldown: 3 Days → 7 Days

Knockdown Loot Loss Changes

Items without a durability stat will no longer be destroyed upon knockdown.

Previously, the following behavior occurred:

  • Items with durability: 5% durability loss
  • Items without durability: 10% destruction chance

After Patch 6:

  • Items with durability: 5% durability loss (no change)
  • Items without durability: immune to destruction

This change is intended to help introduce newer players to combat without item loss (i.e. in yellow zones), and to avoid situations where players were confused about what happened to items. It should also improve the overall loot experience in Elite Dungeons, where a large percent of loot was previously destroyed by being knocked down repeatedly.

Item destruction rate and durability loss rate upon death (killed by another player, suicide, etc.) are not affected by this change.

Respawn Penalty in Hideouts

Introduced a feature that will delay players from leaving a Hideout set as "Home" after respawning there multiple times. The effect has a 10-minute cooldown, meaning after 10 minutes without dying and respawning in a Hideout the counter returns to zero.

Time penalties:

  • First Respawn: no penalty
  • Second Respawn: 30 seconds
  • Third Respawn: 60 seconds
  • Fourth Respawn: 120 seconds
  • Fifth Respawn or more: 240 seconds

This is intended to prevent overuse of repeated-suicide defense strategies when defending Hideouts.

Travel Cost Modifier Changes

  • Adjusted travel cost modifiers for resources, laborer journals, and luxury goods
  • In most cases these were reduced by half, in the case of some T2 journals these were slightly increased
  • This will also result in a significant overall reduction to recovery costs for these items from Hideouts
  • Please note that this is only a first step in reviewing fast travel cost modifiers - we will continue to review these costs, and may adjust them further in future patches

Elite Dungeon Changes

  • Avalonian Artifacts:
    • All Avalonian boss chests now have a chance to give Avalonian Artifacts
    • Slightly lowered rate of Avalonian Artifacts received from final boss (Sir Bedivere)
    • Overall, this means that the drop rate of Avalonian Artifacts for any given dungeon will be approximately twice what it was before
  • Health and damage of all Avalonian enemies reduced by 14%

Other Changes

  • Players can now join the Smart Cluster Queue while mounted
  • Changed visibility of Steelplate Cougar from "hidden" to "locked" in mount skins UI


  • Hellgate final boss / chest notification now correctly displays 1-minute countdown
  • Fixed an issue where characters from other guilds in the friends list would sometimes display incorrect avatar, avatar ring, and "last seen" duration
  • Fixed an issue where Shoes of Tenacity (Avalonian Leather Armor) spell "Blind Spot" would deal damage twice when used with Spinning Blades
  • Undead Governor (Undead Randomized Dungeon Boss): Hitbox of Spinning Skull area has been corrected, and the spell now applies spell immunity to the correct target
  • Additional minor graphical, terrain, animation, UI, audio, and localization fixes