Albion Online Updates

Wild Blood

Coming October 16

Queen Patch 3 - Ver. 1.16.393 / REV 159852 - 12 February 2020

Changes to Outlands Respawning

  • The three Outlands towns (Merlyn's Rest, Arthur's Rest, Morgana's Rest) now no longer count as cities for the "Last City" respawn option.
  • For those who want to respawn in these cities, they can now be set as "Home" via the management board next to the Marketplace.

The “Reset Home” status effect

Players who have a home set in the Outlands - either in one of the Outlands towns or a Hideout - and choose the respawn option "Last City" will respawn in the last Royal city they visited. Upon respawning in the "Last City", they receive the “Reset Home” status effect. This effect will cause the current home location to be removed if the player uses a Realmgate.

Vanity Item Drop Fix

  • Beginning with the Queen update, some items that were already converted into vanity skins were dropping instead of their respective costume unlocks. With Patch 3, these items will be converted into their respective unlock items. The following items are affected:
    • Decorative Undead Platemail Cape
    • Decorative Undead Leather Cape
    • Decorative Undead Cloth Cape
    • Decorative Keeper Platemail Cape
    • Decorative Keeper Leather Cape
    • Decorative Keeper Cloth Cape
    • Decorative Morgana Platemail Cape
    • Decorative Morgana Leather Cape
    • Decorative Morgana Cloth Cape


Items and Silver gained are now tracked separately in the combat log:

  • "Loot" channel now only displays items when picked up
  • New "Silver" channel created
  • Both can be enabled or disabled as desired


  • Fixed an issue where territory guards did not receive the tower level buff after respawning
  • Fixed an issue where guild members with "Co-Owner" or "Hideout Management" access rights could not force-claim buildings and furniture in a Hideout
  • Fixed an issue where some properties in Bridgewatch and Fort Sterling had areas that would block construction of larger buildings
  • [Mobile] Fixed an issue where dead animals were invisible and couldn't be harvested