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Queen Patch 11 (Season 9 Patch) - Ver. 1.16.396 / REV 165550 - 5 May 2020

Mobile Improvements

Patch 11 brings the first version of an all new way to play Albion on mobile devices. Featuring virtual joystick controls, an updated HUD layout, all-new scaling for menus, an interface zoom camera and gesture improvements including long presses and scroll behavior, we have begun tackling mobile’s largest control issues.

Summary of Changes

Here's a summary of what's new (all changes apply to both Android and iOS devices unless otherwise noted):

  • Virtual Controller:
    • A virtual joystick for movement that snaps to the initial press position
    • Auto-targeting of attacks and spells:
      • A single press targets the closest enemy, favoring current look direction
      • A long press tries to target self if possible
    • Manual drag-targeting of ground-target spells and skillshots by dragging their respective buttons. Features:
      • Cast on release
      • Cancel by releasing on area marked with (X)
    • Context-based interactions with the world around you for talking, entering, gathering, fishing, and collecting
  • Updated HUD layout:
    • Top-Right minimap layout:
      • The cluster label’s size and look has changed:
        • Zone player-count and time have moved to a new row on the label
        • Zone color indicator is now centered on the label
        • Label can now be pressed to open the cluster map and long-pressed to hide it
      • Player icon on the minimap is now larger
      • Drag-controlled context menu for zooming and pinging
      • The minimap can now be hidden by tapping and holding it
      • Removed paper effect surrounding minimap; added simple shadow
    • A compact Party and Quest view allows switching between party and quests on the left side of the HUD:
      • Allows different viewable states for when player is in a party with a quest active
      • Custom placement of party display can be snapped back in place
      • The add party member button now also opens the friend list
    • Compact queues: queues can now be retracted to save space, and placed along the left side of the HUD
      • Pressing the arrow button or holding down the queue button retracts/extends
    • New compact Destiny Board Tracker with larger achievement elements and settings
    • Inventory button now shows current load as colored circle-fill inside the button; removed load shown as percentage
    • Larger player HUD elements
    • New button and icon graphics
  • Added an additional glow effect and target arrow to currently selected targets
  • Default in-game zoom level increased to 40%
  • Added introductory tutorial screens for joystick control schemes
  • New Options page to set control layouts and their options:
    • Option to switch between joystick and tap/mouse controls
    • Added a Tap to Move option for Joystick controls, allowing tap movement even with joystick movement
    • Dynamic Actions option for disabling context-based interactions
    • Spell Drag-Targeting option
  • Tap Controls:
    • New layouts for tap control buttons to match the new HUD
    • Simple drag-targeting added:
      • Drag a spell into the world to aim
      • Release to cast
      • Drag back onto button to cancel
  • Additional scaling on almost all interface windows, based on device size
  • New zoom option for interfaces, with corresponding zoom buttons next to the "close" buttons of UI windows:
    • Pinch-zoom and zoom steps available
    • Double tap to open/close
  • Improved list scrolling, item equipping and looting:
    • Scrolling the inventory or equipping items can now be done more comfortably by just dragging and double tapping
  • Long-press gestures:
    • Holding certain buttons longer will now trigger different interactions

For a complete explanation of these features, please see this forum post:

Outlands Banks

Personal bank space in the Outlands, known as Outlands Banks, can now be unlocked at numerous locations. Here's how it works:

  • Any given Outlands Bank location can be unlocked with a one-time Silver payment
  • Once a specific bank is unlocked, it can be used forever
  • Any number of locations can be unlocked by paying the Silver fee for each of them
  • Storage is local and does not transfer between bank locations
  • Important: these banks are located in PvP-enabled zones, and guards will not interfere if you are attacked or attack others

NOTE: as the addition of Outlands Banks involves terrain changes, players who are in affected zones will be moved to the nearest exit when the patch is deployed. For a list of all zones affected by this change, as well as Mountain zones affected by terrain changes (see "Terrain Visibility Improvements" section below), please see this forum post:

Season 9 Change: Territory Season Point and Siphoned Energy Storage

Season Points and Siphoned Energy generated by farm and resource territories are now split into two parts, in a ratio based on the zone's proximity to the center of the Outlands. Here's how it works:

  • One part is stored locally in the territory
  • The other part is directly transferred, once per day, to the guild currently holding the territory
  • The accumulated points and energy are paid out on specific dates to the owning guild, as follows:
    • The entire accumulated points and energy are paid out directly at three specific dates to whichever guild holds the territory at that point
    • These dates correspond to the two territory reset days and the day territory scoring ends
    • For Season 9, these dates are: June 13, July 11, and August 8
  • Additionally, if the territory is conquered, the new owner immediately seizes 20% of all stored energy and another 20% is destroyed
  • Giving up the territory, for instance to transfer the territory to an ally, will also destroy 20% of the stored points and energy
  • The specific percent of Season Points and Energy stored varies based on the zone's proximity to the center of the Outlands - for specific percentages, see this forum post:

Season 9 Change: Season Points from Veteran and World Bosses

Veteran Bosses (found in static open-world dungeons) and World Bosses in the Outlands now give Season Points. These bosses give the following base Season Point amounts when defeated:

  •  Tier 5: Veteran Boss - 3 points
  •  Tier 6: Veteran Boss - 4 points
  •  Tier 7: Veteran Boss - 4 points / World Boss - 40 points
  •  Tier 8: Veteran Boss - 5 points / World Boss - 50 points
  • You will earn more Season Points the closer you are to the center of the Outlands, with a maximum of up to 6x the base amount.

Season 9 Change: Crystal League Adjustments

  • Level 1 Crystal League matches are no longer full-loot. When a player is killed in a Level 1 match, they will now respawn with all their gear intact, as in the Arena. Levels 2-9 remain at full-loot rules.
  • Level 1-3 Tokens are now directly buyable from the Energy Manipulator for the following prices:
    • Level 1 Token: 100,000 Silver
    • Level 2 Token: 200,000 Silver
    • Level 3 Token: 400,000 Silver
  • The maximum rewards for each level have been adjusted as follows:
    • Level 1: 200,000 Silver / 1 Season Point
    • Level 2: 400,000 Silver / 5 Season Points
    • Level 3: 800,000 Silver / 25 Season Points
    • Level 4: 1,000,000 Silver / 75 Season Points
    • Level 5: 1,300,000 Silver / 200 Season Points
    • Level 6: 1,750,000 Silver / 500 Season Points
    • Level 7: 2,500,000 Silver / 1000 Season Points
    • Level 8: 3,500,000 Silver / 2500 Season Points
    • Level 9: 5,000,000 Silver / 5000 Season Points
    • Off-Season Level 3: 1,100,000 Silver
  • Matches of Level 4 and above now happen much more frequently
  • Level 1 and 2 Item Power Thresholds have been lowered
  • The break between Level 4,5,6,and 7 matches has been reduced from 60 minutes to 30 minutes
  • Enabled scrim matches for the Crystal Realm map: /cm (playername) crystal

For full details of the updated schedule and rewards, please see this forum post:

Season 9 Change: Alliance Penalty Adjustments

The following adjustments affect guilds and alliances that own 10 or more territories in the first case, and 20 or more in the second.

Siphoned Energy Drain:

The penalty still starts at 10 Territories, but now increases in increments of 3%:

  • 10 Territories - 3% less total Siphoned Energy
  • 11 Territories - 6% less total Siphoned Energy
  • 12 Territories - 9% less total Siphoned Energy, etc.

Fame and Silver Penalty:

The penalty now starts at 20 Territories and increases by 1% per additional territory:

  • 20 Territories - 1% reduction in Silver and Fame earned from open-world PvE and activities
  • 21 Territories - 2% Penalty
  • 22 Territories - 3% Penalty, etc.

Season 9 Change: Increased Rank Point Thresholds

This change is made to reflect the higher pool of Season Points obtainable in this season:

  • Crystal = 180,000 → 240,000
  • Gold = 60,000 → 75,000
  • Silver = 15,000 → 20,000
  • Bronze = 3,500 → 5,000

Increased Fame, Silver, and Respawn Time for High-Level Enemies

  • Rewards for killing Veteran and Elite Enemies have been buffed at the following locations:
    • World Boss Locations
    • Static dungeons (dungeons that are displayed as fixed points on the map)
  • The following reward increases apply:
    • Fame rewarded: +30%
    • Overall Silver and Silver-related loot drops: +30%
  • The overall window in which a given veteran mob can respawn has increased:
    • Previous: Between 15 and 25 minutes
    • New: Between 15 and 30 minutes
    • As a result, the average respawn time has increased from 20 minutes to 22.5 minutes

World Map and Minimap Improvements

  • Reworked and improved overall visuals of world map
  • World map political view: Alliance view now also shows zones owned by guilds without an alliance
  • Added a "Prime Time" view to map viewing options, allowing players to see all zones in a given prime time
  • Smart Cluster Queue: minimap display for players queueing for an overcrowded entrance has been reworked to differentiate it from regular zerg indicators
  • Adjusted road minimap colors in steppe zones for better readability

UI Improvements: Updated Mail System

The Mail Interface has been updated to the current interface style. Additionally, the following improvements have been implemented:

  • The personal inbox can now be filtered by various categories to allow easier management of messages
  • Personal and guild inboxes now support pagination, allowing players to read beyond their last 50 received messages
  • Marketplace mails now include a countdown timer, after which they are automatically deleted
  • Messages can now be set to unread, which is especially useful for guilds with multiple players who send mail

UI Improvements: Updated Building Interface

The Building Interface has been updated to the current interface style. Additionally, the following improvements have been implemented:

  • Economy, Farming, and Military buildings now show which products can be crafted or raised there
  • Buildings are now represented on the cluster map by the same icon used in the Building UI and on the actual building model

UI Improvements: Carry Capacity Display

The Carry Capacity display has been improved and streamlined:

  • The Max Load Capacity now refers to 100% of the player capacity (it previously referred to 200%, which was confusing)
  • The carry weight bonuses displayed in item details are now halved because of this change
  • From a gameplay perspective, nothing has changed  - all that changes is the way it is displayed
  • Additionally, the load status display in the character details now more clearly shows when your movement speed will be impaired

UI Improvements: Display Order of Active Armor Spells

The three active spells for regular (i.e. non-costume) T4+ armor are now displayed in the armor UI in the following order from left to right, using Soldier Armor as an example:

  • First: The spell that is shared between all armors of the same slot (in this case, "Mend Wounds" for all Chest Armors)
  • Second: The spell that is shared between all armors of the same slot and category (in this case, "Taunt" for all Plate Chest Armors)
  • Third: The spell that is unique to that armor only (in this case, "Fury" for Soldier Armor)
  • This change should make it more clear which spells will be changed (and which will not) when switching between similar armor types

Additional UI Improvements

  • The Kill Details UI (accessible via the personal stats menu) has been updated to match the current interface style, and now shows all equipped gear for killer and victim
  • Added search fields to guild member and friend lists
  • Added an "inspect" popup for incoming duel invites to allow inspection of challengers' equipped items
  • Added new options, "Support" and "Battle Mount", to party role selection; made "Auto" the default role for new players
  • Improved Gold Market layout and added summary fields to ordering screen
  • Islands designated as favorites are now represented with a star in the travel destinations list
  • Direwolf icon has been updated
  • New icons have been created for the following skills:
    • Dagger E - Bloodthirsty Blade
    • Dagger Pair E - Slit Throat
    • Heavy Crossbow E - Sweeping Bolt
    • Clarent Blade E - Mighty Swing
    • Weeping Repeater E - Explosive Mine
    • Frost Staffs Q- Hoarfrost
    • Frost Staffs Q - Ice Shard
    • Hoarfrost Staff E - Avalanche
    • Infernal Scythe E - Bloody Reap
    • Bows Q - Poisoned Arrow
    • Bows W - Ray of Light
    • Warbow E - Magic Arrow
    • Blight Staff E - Ruthless Nature
    • Heron Spear E - Spear Throw

Terrain Visibility Improvements

Certain terrain elements in Mountain biome zones that could potentially block player views have been reworked. Players who are in affected zones when the patch is deployed will be migrated to the nearest exit upon login. For all list of all zones affected by this change (as well as the addition of Outland Banks mentioned above), see this forum post:

Audio Improvements

  • Added new crop farming sounds
  • Polished numerous mount sounds and fixed an issue with doubled footsteps for hoofed mounts
  • Polished all hide mob sounds according to their size and type

Crafting and Studying Changes

  • Decreased crafting time of potions and adjusted their weights
  • Corrected T7 Gigantify potions to require 72 Firetouched Mullein instead of 71
  • Corrected T8 Poison potion to require 36 Firetouched Mullein and Dragon Teasel instead of 24, bringing it in line with other potions of that tier and similar ingredient progressions
  • Overhauled crafting and refining times of items - in very few cases crafting time was slightly increased, but in most cases this results in a significant reduction of crafting times across the game. This change includes resources, armor, weapons, tools, furniture, mounts, and intermediary farming products (meat, alcohol, bread, flour, butter).
  • Further reduced building time based on the tier of resources (T8 was lowered by about 25%, T1/T2 by about 90%) to significantly reduce build time when adding lower-tier items to buildings under construction or upgrade
  • Non-refundable items such as artifacts are no longer included in the Focus cost of crafting
  • Siege Ballista, Flame Basilisks, and Venom Basilisks can no longer be crafted with Focus
  • Changed crafting ingredient requirements of Avalonian Sandwiches from milk to butter and slightly adjusted their crafting times
  • Increased weight of Fancy Fish Sauce to 1.5kg and Special Fish Sauce to 2kg to eliminate cases where the product of a crafting process was heavier than the ingredients
  • Reduced crafting time of fish sauce from 1 second to 0.02 seconds
  • Increased chopped fish requirement of Special Fish Sauce from 125 to 135 to preserve the fish-to-seaweed ratio across all tiers
  • Studying will now calculate its Fame bonus from Focus based on the local production bonus rather than resource return rate, which will always result in an increase to Fame when studying an item with Focus
  • Clarified the ingame description of studying and resolved an issue with the display of the Fame bonus from Focus

Increased Durability Loss Based on Number of Attackers

  • Item durability loss now scales based on the number of players who attacked the victim. This change will only apply in areas where player vs player combat is lethal, and does not apply in the following cases:
    • When all players involved in the kill are faction flagged
    • During Crystal League Battles
    • In Hellgates
  • The chart below shows the increase in durability loss per additional attacker. (Note: items with durability loss are not destroyed, but are also not usable until they are repaired.)

Number of attackers

Durability loss per item























Accordingly, durability loss of items upon death after knockdown (e.g by a mob) has been increased and results in the same amount of durability loss as being killed directly by another player.

Other Changes

  • Fast-traveling to a Hideout now removes Faction Flagging
  • Attacking chests near enemies now alerts the enemies as intended
  • The Invisibility from the spell "Magic Pollen" will now break on cast, meaning it will no longer be possible to use it to avoid chest guards
  • Exits from Outlands Portal Zones now have "safe" areas in the adjacent zone that grant a protective bubble
  • The passage between Darkbough Snag and Sunfang Wasteland was removed to reduce the ease of power projection at the center of the Outlands
  • Refining stone blocks with Focus now requires a consistent amount of Focus across all enchantment levels of stone
  • Silver bags no longer count toward "Silver Collected" player rankings
  • Due to increased player numbers, the availability of Solo Randomized Dungeon portals has been increased:
    • Time until a Solo Randomized Dungeon portal begins its despawn countdown after being cleared:
      • 60 seconds → 30 seconds
    • Time until a Solo Randomized Dungeon portal respawns in a Blue Zone after a portal has been removed:
      • 300 seconds → 60 seconds

Combat Balance Changes

Arcane Staffs

  • Void (Malevolent Locus):
    • Reduced Cooldowns based on Item Power as follows:
      • 900 IP = 48.6 → 46
      • 1200 IP = 45 → 40
      • 1700 IP = 39 → 30


  • Tower Chariot:
    • Tower Shield:
      • Cast Time: 1s → 0.6s
      • Cooldown: 60s → 30s
  • Colossus Beetle:
    • Base Move Speed: 130% → 110%
    • Flight:
      • Cast Time: 0.5s → 0.8s
      • Increases Speed Bonus by 20% (to make up for the reduction in base speed)


  • Fixed an issue where player appearance would sometimes glitch after killing another player or changing items
  • Enemy player outlines have been changed from green to red as intended
  • Chests in Hellgates now reset their HP when players leave the area, as other enemies and chests do
  • Dungeons and passages now yield fish that corresponds to their tier - the Underway has been changed from T8 to T7 accordingly
  • Fixed a case where "you will lose progress if you pick up" prompt was shown for farmables whether you had progress or not
  • Fixed a Watchtower UI issue where the incorrect level would display for unclaimed towers and players without guilds
  • Fixed a bug that caused "Completed" tab to disappear when "Take All" is clicked and there are filtered completed auctions left to show
  • Fixed an issue where some True Damage abilities scaled with some damage buffs - now they remain constant as intended
  • Fixed an issue where over-time effects would sometimes interrupt uninterruptible spells
  • Fixed an issue where chests in the Exalted Undercrypt were not protected by enemies
  • Resolved a case that could prevent the Destiny Board bonus from applying to the yield when fishing
  • Numerous additional graphical, terrain, animation, UI, audio, and localization fixes