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Percival Patch 7 - Ver. 1.15.387 / REV 151412 - 9 October 2019

Adjustments to Ingame Silver Sinks

In an effort to reduce the Silver-to-Gold cost ratio (which has greatly increased due to Silver generated by Randomized Dungeons), numerous ingame Silver costs have been increased.

The following changes have been implemented:

  • Increased repair costs of all items by 100%, but halved knockdown damage (from 10% to 5%), meaning repair cost of knockdowns remains the same
  • Increased Market Order Fee from 1% to 1.5%
  • Increased Market Tax from 4% to 6% (from 2% to 3% with Premium)
  • Increased the cost of buying additional bank tabs by 50%
  • Increased the cost of buying and upgrading islands by 50%
  • Increased the cost of converting Fame to Fame Credits by 50%
  • Increased the cost of using the fast travel feature by 50%
  • Reduced the rate at which Silver offers are generated by the Black Market by 10%

In addition, we have rebalanced the cost structure for transmutation. Transmutation was specifically designed as a Silver sink to combat inflation, but has not been viable thus far. For further details of the transmutation change, as well as a full discussion of this topic, please see this forum post:


  • Constructing, upgrading, and repairing a building is now 2x faster
  • Transmutation of resources is now 4x faster
  • Resources and critters in safe zones (T2-T4) now take twice as long to respawn

Combat Balance Changes

Cursed Staffs

  • Cataclysm (Damnation Staff):
    • The damage is now applied as a damage-over-time effect, which can't be stacked (deals Magic Damage every 0.5 seconds for a total duration of 2.5 seconds)
    • Damage per tick: 50 → 27
    • Number of ticks: 5 → 6
    • Damage can no longer be reflected

Nature Staffs

  • Thorns:
    • Cooldown: 6s → 5s
    • Cast Time: 0.6s → 0.4s
    • Standtime: 0.2s → 0s
    • Spell is no longer canceled by mouse click while casting


  • Emergency Heal (Guardian Helmet)
    • Heal Value: 15% → 10%


  • Motivating Pain (Quarrier Workboots):
    • Now only triggered by enemy damage - ally damage no longer triggers the skill


  • "Horsin' Around" achievement is now actually unlocked when you successfully raise a horse
  • Groomed the Yule Stag mount, giving it improved head effects
  • Copying to clipboard in Guild Account Logs now copies the "Amount" column as intended
  • Fixed broken visual effects for Silence spell
  • Fixed an issue where Concussive Blow was not hitting mounted players
  • Giant Steps fixes:
    • Made the description clearer
    • Battle Frenzy now renders caster immune to the slow effect of Giant Steps as intended
  • Fixed a recurring issue where channeling on self was canceled by a delayed teleport
  • Additional graphical, UI, audio, animation, terrain, and localization fixes