Albion Online Updates

Beyond the Veil

now live!

Albion Online Launch Patch / Version 1.0.327 - REV 91835 / 17 July 2017


  • Implemented new starter packs, and updated founder packs
  • Improved Premium store UI
  • Added subscription option to Premium store
  • Adjusted Premium Time Packages
  • Updated the splash screen image
  • Added new intro video!
  • Updated layouts of home territories:
    • Rearranged general layout to make for more of an even fight between attackers and defenders
    • Now using three capture points rather than four
    • Moved building positions to ensure there is enough space to fight in
  • Temporarily increased the maximum defender bonus in GvGs from 20 to 50
    • This is just to mitigate against potentially large gear discrepancies in the early game
  • Adjusted land auction timers so the first auction happens two weeks after launch; all subsequent auctions will work on a four-week cycle
  • Temporarily added carrot drops
    • All mobs that drop silver will also have a chance of dropping carrots, at a rate of around 1 carrot per 1000 silver
    • This is expected to be removed in the first patch after launch, and is just to prevent nutrition bottlenecks in the first week

Combat balance changes

Holy Staffs

Flash Heal

  • Heal value: 47.17 -> 42.45
  • Heal bonus per stack: 6% -> 4%
  • Energy restoration: 4 -> 2.42