Albion Online Updates

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Merlyn Season 4 Patch - Ver. 1.12.365 / REV 127503 - 10 October 2018

Fall is in the air, and Halloween is coming! Halloween decorations have returned to all of Albion's cities.

Guild and Alliance Cooldowns

Based on community feedback, the following cooldowns now apply:

  • After joining a guild, you may not join another guild for 48 hours.
  • After joining an alliance, your guild may not join another alliance for 48 hours.
  • LEAVING a guild or alliance does not trigger any cooldown period.

This change has been introduced during the early phases of Season 4 to shake up GvG combat, keep the season interesting, and put smaller and newer guilds on more even footing with larger and more established ones.

Siphoning Mages and Season Points

Additionally, also based on community feedback, killing Siphoning Mages will now once again yield season points. In order to prevent exploits, this means that we're also removing the ability to place Siphoning and Rogue Mages for energy. This change should serve to keep the current season vital, while also leaving the possibility open that mages will be further updated or replaced with a new system in future seasons.


Warhorses are a new item available from the Vanity Merchant in major cities. These mount overlays can be combined with any T5-T8 Armored Horse to create a visual upgrade that keeps the stats of the original mount while prominently displaying the owner's guild logo.

Combat Balance Changes

  • Fatal Blade (Black Monk Staff)
    • Cooldown now scales with item power. (Example values: 1200IP → 18s / 1700 IP → 16s)
    • Slow now always lasts the intended 6s, and no longer scales with ability power

Other Changes

  • Numerous open-world maps now include more choke points to allow for a broader range of combat options
  • Respawn bubble behavior has been updated:
    • Players no longer receive a protection bubble on login
    • Players no longer get a protection bubble on respawn, i.e. after death
    • Expeditions now have a separate protection bubble type which lasts for 10 seconds or a distance of 10 meters, whichever ends first
  • The two final mages in the Hardcore Expedition "Preaching to the Dead" are now further from the boss to make the last encounter slightly less difficult
  • Bonecrusher Berserker (red version) no longer uses Sunder Armor, and Smash should now be easier to avoid
  • Bonecrusher Hulk's War Stomp, Boulder, and Kick skills should now be slightly easier to avoid


  • Fixed an issue where loot was incorrectly protected during city GvGs
  • Fixed an issue where character movement would stop when a targetable spell was activated and then canceled
  • The standtime for Frazzle (Arcane Staff) has been reduced from 0.4s to 0s (i.e. eliminated) as intended
  • Fixed an issue where hitting "Esc" would not toggle game menu in upper right corner
  • Fixed Veteran Obsessed Aspirant aggro reset in Hardcore Expeditions (the mob was always resetting aggro, making it impossible to kill)
  • Numerous additional graphical, animation, texture, environmental, audio, and localization fixes