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Merlyn Preseason Balance Patch - Ver. 1.12.365 / REV 126590 - 26 September 2018

Hotfix 1

GvG Season Rewards

Beginning with Season 4, GvG Seasons in Albion Online will include epic rewards for reaching various ranks. Players who are part of an eligible guild for at least 75% of the season will win the powerful new War Rhino mount (Bronze rank or higher) and exclusive avatars and avatar rings (Iron rank or higher). Additionally, the top three guilds each season will get a permanent place in the new Conquerors' Hall, a new building in Caerleon that will honor past and current winners with custom-built statues and will expand with each successive GvG season.

For more details on the new season rewards, click here.  For a calendar with all the important Season 4 dates, click here.

Monthly Adventurer's Challenges

Starting October 1, all players in Albion can partake in monthly Adventurer's Challenges to get exclusive mounts, special potions and treasures, and numerous other rewards. Each month will have a different theme, and rewards will often include seasonal and thematic items.

Rewards are given out for acquiring gathering, fishing, and PvE Fame, with daily bonuses that boost your points even higher – for more details on Adventurer's Challenges, click here.

Audio Improvements

Combat sounds have been reworked for auto-attacks and impacts:

  • Attack and impact sounds of all melee weapons, bows, and crossbows have been completely reworked – these weapons are now more distinguishable, and there is a significantly improved variety of auto-attack sounds.
  • In addition to being more diverse, attack and impact sounds are now also more weapon-specific to help clarify the soundscape during combat.
  • Finally, timings of sound cues have been improved for more accurate feedback.

Combat Balance Changes

Arcane Staffs:

  • Energy Bolt (all Arcane Staffs)
    • Standtime: 0.4s → 0s
  • Frazzle (all Arcane Staffs)
    • Standtime: 0.4s → 0s
    • Cast Range: 9m → 11m
  • Arcane Orb (normal Arcane Staff)
    • Projectile Speed: 5.75 m/s → 14.3 m/s


  • Rending Bleed (all Axes)
    • Multiple players can't stack the bleed on the same target. Instead they will now override each other's debuffs.
  • Whirlwind (Great Axe)
    • Damage per tick: 40.10 → 46.00
  • Tear Apart (Halberd)
    • Damage: 137.37 → 125.00


  • Deadly Shot (all Bows)
    • Standtime: 0.2s → 0s
  • Enchanted Quiver (normal Bow)
    • Cooldown: 30s → 20s
    • Time for Arrows to expire: 20s → 30s
    • Buff Duration per hit: 4s → 5s
  • Undead Arrows (Whispering Bow)
    • Duration: 8s → 10s


  • Auto Fire (all Crossbows)
    • Channel Duration: 4s → 3s
    • Damage per hit: 31.98 → 28.01
    • The last hit now triggers an explosion on the target, dealing an additional 67.22 damage in a 5m radius
    • Energy cost: 7 → 5
  • Snipeshot (Crossbow)
    • Cast Time: 3s → 2.5s
    • Standtime: 1s → 0.6s
  • Explosive Mine (Weeping Repeater)
    • The mine is now inactive for the first 2 seconds
    • Damage: 142.56 → 270
    • Cast Range: 13m → 15m

Cursed Staffs:

  • Desecrate (all Cursed Staffs)
    • Can now be cast on the ground anywhere within 13m of the caster
    • Effect Radius: 9m → 4m
    • Root Duration: 1.84 → 2.60
    • Removed the instant base damage (now only deals damage through Vile Curse)
    • Hit delay: 0.6s → 0.4s
    • Standtime: 0.8s → 0.6s
  • Dark Matter (all Cursed Staffs)
    • Damage vs Mobs: 26.35 → 32.94
  • Area of Decay (Great Cursed Staff)
    • Radius: 4m → 5m
    • Cooldown: 30s → 25s
    • Tick interval: every 1s → every 0.8s
  • Field of Death (Demonic Staff)
    • Damage vs Mobs: 11.40 → 25.53


  • Added new W-Slot Spell: Chain Slash (all Daggers)
    • Quickly slash through multiple enemies. You keep jumping to the closest enemy in an 8m radius for up to 4 times, dealing physical damage to each enemy. While you are slashing through the enemies you are invisible to players.
  • Assassin's Spirit (all Daggers)
    • Self Armor Reduction per stack: 0.09 → 0.04
  • Slit Throat (Dual Daggers)
    • Cast Time: 0.6s → 0.4s

Fire Staffs:

  • Fire Bolt (all Fire Staffs)
    • Standtime 0.2s → 0s
  • Fire Bomb (all Fire Staffs)
    • Standtime: 0.2s → 0s

Frost Staffs:

  • Frostbolt (all Frost Staffs)
    • Standtime: 0.2s → 0s
  • Hoarfrost (all Frost Staffs)
    • Standtime: 0.2s → 0s
  • Frost Beam (all Frost Staffs)
    • Cast Range: 11m → 12m
    • Move & Attack Speed Reduction per tick: 10% → 15%
  • Shatter (all Frost Staffs)
    • Damage: 86.91 → 93.60
  • Freezing Wind (normal Frost Staff)
    • Damage: 145.41 → 160.00
  • Ice Storm (Glacial Staff)
    • Slow Duration per tick: 1s → 3s
    • Slow base strength: 30% → 15%
    • Cast Range: 11m → 5m
    • Damage against Players: 27.86 → 35.0
    • Damage against Mobs: 15.60 → 16.7


  • Giant Steps (Forge Hammers)
    • Slow Strength: 35% → 50%

Holy Staffs:

  • Added a new E-slot Spell to Redemption Staff: Celestial Sphere
    • Can be cast on an ally. The Sphere will keep jumping to the closest ally in a 10m radius for up to 12 times, healing each ally hit. The spell can't hit the same target twice in a row, but keeps jumping back and forth if at least two allies are in range. (Cooldown: 25s)
  • Removed the spell Enlightenment (all Holy Staffs)
  • Moved Holy Orb to the W-slot (all Holy Staffs)
  • Flash Heal (all Holy Staffs)
    • Heal Value: 42.18 → 46.00
  • Holy Beam (all Holy Staffs)
    • First Tick: 13.01 → 30.00
    • The last hit no longer ticks twice
  • Holy Orb (all Holy Staffs)
    • Hit delay: 0.3s → 0s
    • Standtime: 0.8s → 0.4s
    • Projectile Speed: 12.5 m/s → 16.7 m/s
  • Desperate Prayer (Holy Staff)
    • Health Threshold for max heal: 30% → 40%
  • Salvation (Fallen Staff)
    • Cooldown: 30s → 20s
    • Heal Value: 236.20 → 270.00


  • Removed the spell Brute Force (Bedrock Mace)
  • Added a new E-slot Spell to Bedrock Mace: Force of Nature
    • Cracks the earth open in a line in front of you, releasing an impregnable wind wall, which lasts for 4s. Enemies hit will be knocked 18m away (ignoring crowd control resistance) and creatures hit will be taunted.

Nature Staffs:

  • Circle of Life (normal Nature Staff)
    • Cooldown: 25s → 20s


  • Entirely reworked the spell Fatal Blade (Black Monk Stave)
    • New Behavior: Throw your weapon to a ground target location. As long as you continue channeling, the weapon will keep spinning at that position, dealing physical damage every 0.5s in a 5m radius. Each hit also reduces enemy damage by 24% and move speed by 8% for 6s. (Stacks up to 4 times; uninterruptible channel)


  • Reckless Charge (normal Spear)
    • Damage: 189.90 → 208.00
  • Spear Throw (Heron Spear)
    • Stun Duration: 1.63 → 1.75
    • Damage: 132.03 → 148.00
  • Harpoon (Spirit Hunter)
    • Now purges enemies on hit


  • Removed Passive: Life Leech
  • Added new Passive: Heroic Fighting
    • Get a Heroic Charge every 4 normal attacks
  • Weakening (Passive)
    • Effect Duration: 1s → 2s
  • Interrupt (all Swords)
    • Hit Delay: 0.2s → 0s)
  • Iron Will (all Swords)
    • Now also applies a Heroic Charge on activation
  • Charge (Claymore)
    • Cast Time: 0.5s → 0.4s
    • Range: 12m → 15m


  • Royal Banner (Royal Jacket)
    • Standtime: 0.6s → 0.2s
  • Fury (Soldier Armor)
    • Damage Increase: 10% → 7%
    • CC Duration Increase: 6% → 7%
  • Wind Wall (Knight Armor)
    • Cooldown: 50s → 40s
  • Protection of the Fiends (Demon Armor)
    • Max targets: unlimited → 10
    • Reflected Damage: 60% → 50%
  • Force Shield (Judicator Armor)
    • Cooldown: 40s → 50s
    • Resistance increase: 0.4 → 0.35


  • Circle of Inspiration (Druid Cowl)
    • Cooldown: 45s → 60s
  • Retaliate (Hunter Hood)
    • Duration: 5s → 4s
  • Ballista Support Fire (Royal Helmet)
    • Hit Delay: 1.5s → 1s


  • Focused Run (Scholar Sandals)
    • Now makes user immune only to movement-impairing effects (can still be knocked back or silenced)


  • All Sticky Potions
    • Hit Delay: 0.4s → 0.2s
  • All Gigantify Potions
    • Duration: 8s → 6s

Additional Changes

  • Overcharged items can now be repaired during the overcharge period
  • Updated marketplace default price setting flow when creating sell orders or selecting buy in the popup:
    • when creating sell order, the default price is set to the lowest price for items with the same or higher quality (before it was only for same quality and there are cases with higher quality items that have a lower price)
    • when clicking on buy in the marketplace pop up when, automatically the cheapest item with the same or higher quality gets selected (this may overrider quality selection, but makes sure player gets best item for cheapest price possible for his filter settings)
  • To make the upgrade progression clearer, names of 2 mounts have been updated (stats and appearance are unchanged):
    • Warhorse has been changed to "Morgana Mare"
    • Nightmare has been changed to "Morgana Nightmare"


  • Fixed an issue where many spells did not escalate in damage when multiple players were hit at the same time, even though this was intended. Affected spells include:
    • Vendetta (Camlann Mace)
    • Raging Storm (Bow of Badon)
    • Spectral Trident (Trinity Spear)
    • Vicious Barrage (Siegebow)
    • Razor Cut (Bear Paws)
    • Soulless Stream (Galatine Pair)
    • Ice Crystal (Permafrost Prism)
    • Flame Tornado (Blazing Staff)
  • Fixed an issue where slider would not update correctly when trying to transfer Silver
  • Fixed an issue where the duration setting in the Gold Market Orders UI was not applied correctly to orders
  • The achievements "Grandmaster Gatherer" and "Grandmaster Crafter" have been renamed to "Elder Gatherer" and "Elder Crafter" to reflect that they are T8 achievements
  • Fixed an issue where price was not displayed for completed buy orders in the Completed tab of the Marketplace UI
  • Additional minor graphical, UI, environment, audio, animation, and localization fixes