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Merlyn Patch 8 – Ver. 1.12.365 / REV 128945 – 1 November 2018

The new Adventurer's Challenge has begun! For the entire month of November, earn Challenge Points and unlock exclusive rewards. For more information about this month's rewards, as well as updates to the system, click here.


  • Updated mob behavior: when a mob disengages from combat and a different mob that would alert it is attacked, the initial mob will aggro again after returning to its spawn point
  • Removed Halloween decorations from cities


  • Fixed an issue where item icons were not appearing in chat - now a maximum of 20 icons will appear at once, with additional icons appearing as a non-interactive background
  • Fixed an issue where Morgana Cultist roaming mob would spawn more frequently than other Morgana mobs
  • Additional visual and environmental fixes