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Lands Awakened Patch 1 - Ver. 19.010.1 - December 13, 2021

Headquarters Hideout Requirements Updated

With this patch, the requirements for declaring a Headquarters Hideout have been updated. The changes can be summarized as follows:

  • The Top 600 Season rank requirement is removed
  • A Headquarters can now be declared immediately after the necessary Season Point requirement has been reached

This means that a guild can declare a Headquarters based on Season Points earned in the last or current season. For more details, as well as the current point requirements by zone quality and tier, see this forum post:

Energy Surge Season Winner Statues Placed

Congratulations to the winners of the unique standalone Energy Surge Season! You can check out their winner statues in the following zones:

  • First Place: The Lonely Men, Redtree Enclave
  • Second Place: Hadoop, Drybasin Oasis
  • Third Place: Be Careful, Sunstrand Quicksands

New Guild Invite Spam Protections

  • Sending too many declined guild invitations in a short amount of time now applies a guild-wide cooldown on sending more invitations, as well as a limit to how many invitations can be sent out at a time
  • Guild invites now give clearer feedback if they are rejected or ignored

Fame Conversion Adjustments

Due to the increased amounts of Fame in the open world and Static Dungeons since the Lands Awakened update, some Fame conversion ratios were overperforming. These conversion factors have been adjusted to better match the new average Fame values players are receiving:

  • PvE Fame to Faction Point conversion ratio reduced by approximately an additional 15%. Faction-flagged characters should now earn about 40% more Faction Points from PvE than before the update.
  • Reputation gain reduced by 30%. This should still mean a slight increase over pre-update values.

Other Changes

  • Energy Surge Statue Furniture Items are now placeable
  • Added a 10-second cooldown to Corrupted Dungeon entry, which replaces the global 10-second cooldown that has been removed
  • Clicking on Static Dungeons on the world map now opens a UI window showing mob types and tiers, as well as other information when in closer proximity
  • The Adventurer's Challenge Daily Bonus now gives an Adept's Tome of Insight (10,000 Fame) instead of a Novice's Tome of Insight (2,000 Fame)
  • Increased channel time required to open open-world treasure chests from 3 seconds to 5 seconds
  • Picking up a Power Core or Energy Crystal now removes the invulnerability buff received when leaving a Hideout
  • Furniture can no longer be placed on Power Cores or Energy Crystals to block them from being picked up
  • Hideout Power Levels are now viewable in the Guild Estates UI

Combat Balance Changes


Since the Whirlwind channel can no longer be interrupted, the counterplay options are either rooting/slowing the Greataxe player, or creating enough distance. However, with the movement speed increase built into the ability, it was very difficult to escape the Whirlwind damage. The movement speed increase has thus been removed from the ability.

  • Whirlwind (Greataxe):
    • Removed the movement speed increase


To make Blood Ritual less dependent on blocking the self damage with an additional defensive like Cleric Robe, its self-damage has been reduced.

  • Blood Ritual (Demonfang)
    • Self Damage per Tick: 20 → 12


One-handed Maces have been very strong in a variety of content types. With the combination of high damage, stun, and mobility, they outperform many similar weapons, making them very strong. The damage output and mobility of Deep Leap have thus been decreased.

  • ​Threatening Smash (all Maces):
    • Damage 157 → 146
  • Deep Leap (One-handed Mace):
    • Damage: 203 → 156
    • Range: 14m → 11m

War Gloves

Since War Gloves are an entirely new line that offers a lot of utility, outplay potential and combo setup, we wanted to make sure they don’t dominate the meta at launch and made sure that the kit has enough drawbacks. However it seems we were a bit overcautious, and while they seemed in a good place in test cases, they somewhat underperformed in various areas in the Albion live world. The following improvements have thus been implemented in Patch 1 to get War Gloves in a better place.

  • Base Stats (all War Gloves):
    • Now increase Max health by 50 (base value); for reference, this is the same amount of Max Health given by Swords and Axes
  • War Glove Auto-Attacks - 3 Hit Attack Chains:
    • Time factor of the third hit: 3 → 2 (this makes the third attack faster, but overall DPS stays the same)
    • Canceling the third auto-attack is now possible earlier, to enable more responsive repositioning and ability usage between attacks
  • Create Opening (all War Gloves):
    • Cooldown when using the second hit: 4s → 3s
  • Dragon Leap (all War Gloves):
    • Cooldown: 8s → 7s
    • Time window to activate Uppercut: 4s → 3s
    • Removed the delay until the second activation can be used, allowing instant recast after the first hit
  • Cross Step (all War Gloves):
    • Buff Duration: 6s → 8s
  • Shock Wave (all War Gloves):
    • Range: 10m → 11m
  • Triple Kick (all War Gloves):
    • Damage vs Players per hit: 30 → 37
  • Backhand Strike (all War Gloves):
    • The ability no longer requires an enemy target - instead, it can now be cast in a direction
    • The Strike hits all enemies in a 6m range in the cast direction, knocking them back and applying the full knockback effect (and corresponding damage) to all targets hit
  • Blazing Geyser (Brawler Gloves):
    • Cooldown: 20s → 15s
  • Falcon Smash (Battle Bracers):
    • Inner Circle Damage: 242 → 264
    • Range: 12m → 15m
  • Gravitational Collapse (Spiked Gauntlets):
    • Damage vs Cloth Armor: 100 → 140
    • Damage vs Leather Armor: 200 → 240
    • Cooldown: 25s → 20s
  • Purifying Combination (Fists of Avalon):
    • First Attack Damage: 35 → 78
    • Third Attack Damage: 215 → 235
  • Aggressive Burst (Passive):
    • Normal Attacks needed to Activate: 16 → 11 (for 2-hit auto-attack chain War Gloves)
    • 3-hit auto-attack chain War Gloves are unchanged, because the 3-hit attack chain is now faster (see above)
  • Rushdown (Passive on all War Gloves):
    • Movement Speed Increase Duration: 1s → 2s


With the dismounting changes introduced in the new content update, it became very difficult to prevent a player from entering a Hideout, as enemy players now cannot be attacked for 5 seconds. The channel time to enter Hideouts not set as "Home" has therefore been increased.

  • Hideout Enter Channel Time (if not set as Home): 3s → 4s


  • [MOBILE] Chat and UI fixes:
    • Fixed an issue where Chinese and Korean chat input would not show character suggestions
    • Fixed issues with backspace and previews not working when using the chat input
    • Fixed scrolling behavior issues in inventory and bank
  • Marketplace Loadout search now searches for same or higher quality items with "Same or Higher" setting checked, as intended
  • Fixed an issue where world map overlays would reset when changing zones
  • Fixed an issue where Guild Might Level rankings would sometimes show incorrect data when scrolling
  • Fixed an issue where Static Dungeon minibosses appeared as Crystal Spiders on the minimap
  • Fixed an issue that prevented Hideout Power Cores and Territory Energy Crystals from being carried through Passages in the Outlands
  • All Q and W spells are now available on T4-5 Demonfang as intended
  • Fixed an issue where the Respec option was not available once reaching Mastery Level 100
  • Caerleon faction capes can now be sold in the Black Market, and found in the open world as intended
  • Fixed an issue where Power Cores and Energy Crystals did not have a tooltip while being carried
  • Fixed an issue where Guild Season Reward Battle Mounts had no item value, which lead to them having no repair cost - new values:
    • T5: value 5060, max repair cost 75,900 Silver
    • T6: value 7156, max repair cost 107,340 Silver
    • T7: value 10120, max repair cost 151,800 Silver
    • T8: value 14312, max repair cost 214,680 Silver
  • Fixed an issue where guild logos were not displaying correctly on mounts with a guild logo option
  • Fixed an issue where dungeon bosses were dropping piles of Silver that gave "+0 Silver" when picked up - bosses now drop no Silver when killed, as intended
  • Fixed an issue where the weekly Faction Warfare report was not sending a notification when ready
  • Fixed an issue where hostile dismount status was displayed to neighboring players, rather than just to the affected player
  • Resolved an issue with an incorrect error message that displayed when attempting to change the access rights of a Hideout that recently lost its Headquarters status.  This message now properly shows the cooldown when this access rights restriction will be lifted.
  • The "Counter" ability (all War Gloves) can no longer be used to dash to targets if caster is overburdened, as intended
  • Fixed an issue where Treasure Drones did not display a rarity until killed
  • Fixed an issue where T5 Sticky Potion recipe required twice the number of eggs it should have
  • Fixed AoE Escalation not working for the following abilities:
    • Infernal Boulder (Hellfire Hands)
    • Earth Crusher (Ravenstrike Cestus)
    • Purifying Combination - Divekick (Fists of Avalon)
  • Additional graphical, audio, animation, terrain, UI, and localization fixes