Albion Online Updates

Beyond the Veil

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Call to Arms Patch 5/6 - Version 18.060.1 - May 31, 2021

Updated Login and Account Creation

  • Replaced the "Remember Password" option with automatic login, which skips the login process entirely and proceeds directly to character selection screen
  • Streamlined and updated in-game account creation

Improved and Expanded Tutorial

  • Streamlined and updated overall tutorial progression
  • Improved visuals and readability for all platforms
  • Added extra displays and tips for mobile users
  • Added new Dungeon, Expedition, and City Tour quests
  • Added additional NPCs ("Royal Explorers") to Starter Towns for optional tutorials after basic tutorial is finished

Mobile Changes

  • Google Play Store: The minimum Android version has been increased from 5.0 to 8.0 (this change does not affect the APK version found on our download page)
  • Increased spell and attack drag area radius slightly to decrease sensitivity
  • Added connection state and battery charge indicators to HUD
  • Reduced memory load from Destiny Board on low-memory devices

Hellgate Changes

  • Hellgate minibosses now appear on the map so they can easily be identified and killed
  • Changed Hellgate boss icon to better distinguish it from minibosses
  • Increased radius at which Hellgate PvP chests despawn if player corpses are under or near it (chest must still be fully looted before despawn)

Crystal League Registration Changes

  • Players can now move between city zones without canceling a current Crystal League registration:
    • For example, players who sign up at Martlock Conquerors' Hall can go to Martlock Marketplace or Bank without canceling registration
    • Players waiting for a match CANNOT leave the city, move between different cities via Travel Planner, or visit islands without canceling registration
    • This only affects cities, and does NOT apply to matches registered for at Territories or Hideouts
  • When a group leader re-registers for a Crystal League match, the UI will remember that player as group leader and offer a streamlined re-invite process for group members

Other Changes

  • New characters no longer receive a cooldown for joining a guild during their first 7 days
  • When awarded points for capturing a zone in Faction Warfare, the combat message now also includes the name of the captured zone
  • The mount formerly known as the Giant Horse is now the Gallant Horse to better match its knightly origins (Note: only some language versions are affected)
  • Improved reconnection process when connection is dropped
  • Players with active damage-over-time effects on opponents now stay in active combat for duration of the effect
  • All Healing cast reduced by 10% inside Corrupted Dungeons

Combat Balance Changes


The recent change to Rending Spin (which applied Rending Bleed stacks only on max distance) was making the ability unreliable in the live game, where players with various pings interact with each other. The decreased range and bleeding effect already reduced this ability's sustain in patch 4, and we will observe how it plays out with this change.

  • Rending Spin (all Axes):
    • Rending Bleed stacks are again applied to all enemies hit, regardless of their distance


Particularly in the 5v5 scene, the regular Bow has been a very strong item, even to the point of having multiple users on a team. The resistance debuff has thus been updated to be non-stacking, to reduce the effectiveness of focusing the same target with two bows. Additionally, since the resistance reduction of various weapons has recently been toned down, the resistance reduction of this still very strong backline weapon has been decreased as well.

  • Enchanted Quiver (regular Bows):
    • Resistance Reduction on max stacks: 0.15 → 0.13
    • The Resistance Reduction debuff can no longer be stacked from multiple sources, so two bows focusing the same target will override each other's debuffs

Cursed Staffs

Due to player feedback and its additional kiting potential in 1v1 situations, the range increase of Vile Curse has been reverted. The damage increase of the Haunting Screams, which was already gaining in popularity before patch 4, was slightly rolled back as well. Since the damage still cannot be reflected, it will remain threatening in bigger group fights.

  • Vile Curse (all Cursed Staffs):
    • Cast Range: 11m → 9m
  • Haunting Screams (Cursed Skull):
    • Damage per tick: 33 → 28


The jump time of the Grovekeeper has been reverted based on feedback that it felt too slow. As the impact radius had already been slightly reduced and an indication area was added, it should still be more reactable than it was before Patch 4.

  • Ground Pound (Grovekeeper):
    • Jump Time: 0.66s → 0.5s


  • Soul Shaker (Grailseeker):
    • The Root Duration can now be shorter than the area duration
    • Entering the area now applies a 3.5 second root which scales with Item Power and Duration Modifiers, but is reduced by CC Resistance and Diminishing Returns
    • The root effect is still removed when the area ends or the player leaves the area


All Armors in the game (cloth, leather, plate, and gathering gear) now have a Health Regeneration Bonus of 150% regardless of armor type:

  • Scholar Robe, Royal Robe, Druid Robe: 80% → 150%
  • Cleric Robe, Fiend Robe: 70% → 150%
  • Mage Robe, Cultist Robe, Robe of Purity: 60% → 150%
  • Mercenary Jacket, Royal Jacket, Stalker Jacket: 150% → 150%
  • Hunter Jacket, Hellion Jacket: 140% → 150%
  • Assassin Jacket, Specter Jacket, Jacket of Tenacity: 130% → 150%
  • Soldier Armor, Royal Armor, Graveguard Armor : 200% → 150%
  • Knight Armor, Demon Armor: 210% → 150%
  • Guardian Armor, Judicator Armor, Armor of Valor: 220% → 150%


  • Avalonian Magic and Ranged Artifacts now appear in the correct categories in the Marketplace UI
  • Fixed an issue where Hellgates would sometimes not despawn mobs when an enemy team invaded
  • Fixed an issue where audio for some attacks (Disembowel, etc.) would become stuck after killing mobs
  • Corrected several false modifiers in the "Suspicious" Reputation Level (from -1 to -1000):
    • Passive reputation gain (points per day): 0.012 → 0
    • PvE reputation gain factor: 0.008 → 0.012
  • Buff icon of Flaming Trail (Morgana Nightmare) now matches duration of the actual buff
  • Fixed the 3-stack damage of Slit Throat (Dagger Pair)
  • Fixed incorrect values in tooltip of Raging Storm (Bow of Badon)
  • Fixed tooltip for debuff inflicted by max Rending Bleed Charges (all Axes)
  • Holy Explosion (Great Holy Staff) now consumes energy during channel duration as intended
  • Fixed an issue where Specter Jacket's damage against mobs was not scaling with item power and damage modifiers
  • Names of several missing spells now appear in combat logs as intended
  • Fixed an issue where IP requirements could be bypassed when entering Hellgates
  • Resolved an issue that prevented enemy spell effect areas from disappearing when another team entered a Hellgate
  • Fixed an issue where the Corrupted Dungeon tutorial would appear in Hellgates
  • Fixed an issue where crafting time would sometimes not display correctly in spell tooltips
  • [MOBILE] Fixed an issue where fishing with the Action button could be interrupted when near enemies
  • [MOBILE] Improvements to behavior of drag-casting spells and dragging items
  • Additional graphical, audio, UI, and localization fixes