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Alpha test 24/03 FAQ

Mar 4th by Emil

Hey all! Here’s a short FAQ to tell you some useful information about this month’s alpha test! Check it out!


Check out this list of questions and their answers, and let us know if you have any more!

1 i) If I tested last time, will I need a new key?
No – if you have tested before, you won’t need to enter a key, and can simply login using your email address and password, whereupon you’ll be able to access the game.
ii) Will I be able to play with my old character?
No – all servers were wiped after the last test, and all players will have to create a new character upon logging in this time round – so you can take advantage of our new customization options!

2. Will this test run on Android/MacOS/Linux etc.?
Yes, all tests up until now have run on all platforms save iOS, which will be an exception again this time round. All other clients will be available to download.

3. I’ve been waiting longer than I expected for a key – why is this?
Our waiting list for keys is very long at the moment, but we are trying as hard as possible to make sure that the way we distribute keys gives everyone a fair chance to test.
For transparency: Though the bulk of the keys goes out to fans who signed up for testing earlier, we also run random key giveaways on our social media platforms (including Facebook, Twitter, and the forums) to allow those who might have signed up later a chance to get hold of a key. Other keys go to guilds we work with, and some then go to press. All we can advise is to continue to be patient – we’re trying our best to get as many people testing who want to test.

4. When will I receive confirmation of my invitation to participate in this test?
Invitations and keys will likely go out between 3-5 days before the beginning of the test.

5. How long will the test be running for?
For this test, we don’t have a fixed length in mind. Rather, in this test, we want to judge simultaneously how the test is running and gauge feedback from the fans in order to have a better idea of how long it will run for.

6. Can I pay/donate to the development to gain access?
Founders’ Packs are planned, and it’s intended that most tiers will include access to testing, however this test is closed to fans who are sent keys.

7. Can I have a key for my friend?
At the moment, we are restricting the distribution to one key/invitation per person. It might be that “buddy” keys are sent out later on, perhaps as part of a giveaway (see 3.), but most of the invitations will be one per person.

8. How can I increase my chances of getting a key?
As mentioned in the answer to question 3., in addition to emailing keys to subscribers on our waiting list, we will also run random giveaways on our social media sites and forums. It’s a good idea to keep an eye on those sites in order to participate in the giveaways and give yourself the best chance of getting one of those keys!

Those sites:

9. Will there be any new features added for the test?
Can you tell me what they will be? Albion Online will be gaining some new features, which will need testing in this next alpha. Examples would be the marketplace, and our new female character model. More features will be announced later.

10. Is there any kind of changelog so fans can see what’s been changed or added since the last test?
Yes – as we get nearer to the test start date, we’ll publish a changelog detailing all the amendments made since the last test for fans and testers to have a look through.

11. Will I be able to play the game before the alpha starts?
No – access to the game will be carefully restricted until the start date of the test. Testers will be able to download clients and/or access the browser login screen, but will not be able to create an account or log in until their key becomes active. Key activation will be staggered so that the number of players on the servers can be effectively controlled.

Let us know if you have any other questions!

Your Albion Online Team <3