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Attention! Alpha Test Incoming!

Nov 29th by Emil

news2Exciting news for Albion Online fans – the next alpha test has arrived! Find out how you can get hold of a key!


Hey all! As we’ve just announced on our Facebook and Twitter platforms, we’re about to begin a new round of alpha testing on Albion Online! It’s the news a lot of you have been waiting for, and we wanted to share some more information with you about the tests!

The test is set to begin on the 9th of December. We’ll be sending keys out to selected participants next week, so it’s a good idea to keep a close eye on your emails! We’ll also be giving away some keys on our Facebook and Twitter, so make sure you check out our pages to be in with a chance of getting hold of a key!

If you’re not selected for testing during this round, don’t worry! Albion Online is still in alpha and we’ll be running lots more testing before release, all the while trying to get as many people testing the game and giving us their feedback as possible. So keep looking out for future announcements!

As always, we want to say a big thank you to all of you who have been supporting us through development with your comments, questions and feedback (good and bad!) on the game so far. We really appreciate your ideas and suggestions, and interaction with our community has proved invaluable to us. We’re looking forward to continuing to work alongside you all to make a really great game, and we hope to see some of you in the alpha!

You can get hold of us through Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and YouTube, as well as Steam Greenlight! Send us any feedback or questions you have on the game – we read all of your comments!